July 2023 — Social Ministry News

July 2023 — Social Ministry News

Habitat for Humanity: A BIG Thank You to all the people who helped make our Build Day a success. We had 7 people who worked on the two townhouses – painting, landscaping, repairing railings. Three who worked on the lunch, and two who contributed a total of $500 to Habitat through Thrivent. That money was used to buy a door, paint, weather striping, wood, and more…some of which we used on Saturday. In one capacity or another, this group included Larry Rardin, John Condie, Kim & Mitch Hobby, Bev Dittmer, Larry Hjermstad, Pete Olson, Jacob Johnston, Lynn Mitzlafff, and Rap Fairley.

Frequently other volunteers join us on our build day. This time one of the Habitat Partners (those who have qualified to buy a Habitat home) needed to put in her sweat equity hours; so, she came out to help paint. She is a single parent, with two girls, who teaches in our school district. She has a second job, but still cannot afford to buy a house on the open market. Hopefully home ownership will be a dream come true for them – thanks to Habitat with a little help from CtK!

July 2023 — Social Ministry News

September 2022 — Social Ministry News

CELEBRATE OUR MISSION PARTNER: Iglesia Luterana Agustina de Guatemala (ILAG)

Mark your calendars! Rev. Karen Castillo and her son, Diego Gil, will be joining us for 10/8-10! Rev. Karen is the head of the Lutheran Church in Guatemala and provides leadership and ministry to the congregations across the country, including our partner church in Zacaleu.
On Sunday, 10/8, Rev. Karen and Diego will be joining us for worship and we plan to have a potluck after worship at 10:30 a.m. Stay tuned for details. We are excited to have all of our members (not just the 10 lucky Ctk’ers who have been there) be able to meet with them and learn more about the ministry there and we can continue to deepen our relationship.
Please make every effort to be present with us and we thank you for your ongoing support and prayers for our mission partner.
July 2023 — Social Ministry News

August 2022 — Social Ministry News

Habitat for Humanity is our August recipient for the CtK Noisy Offering!

This summer, John Condi, Larry Rardin, Kim Hobby, Bev Dittmer, Jim Mayand Rap plus Jackie and John Coskin, for a total of 8 participated in the Habitat Build/helped prepare lunch.  A special thanks to Larry Hjermstad whose Thrivent donation was used to pay for the volunteers’ lunch.

Build Status of Duplex (Updated)

  • The exterior walls are all built and the 2nd floor interior walls in the west unit are complete.
  • All of the sewer, water, electrical, and other connections have been made; the backfill has started around the front portion of the homes.
  • Americorps volunteers ran down to Tempe for a week to volunteer at the wheelchair games in Tempe, AZ.
  • Habitat has also built interior walls in the east unit and sheath the exterior.  Roofers to come out soon along with a crew to build the stairs.

Our special thanks to Anita Ashby for picking up the slack and meeting with Rachel, not to mention following up on the Temple Talk. You rock!

Thank you to everyone for giving of their time and talents. We look forward to August!

July 2023 — Social Ministry News

July 2022 — Social Ministry News

CtK’s Noisy Offering partner for July is Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp, or RTLC. Nestled in Hillside, CO, the site, originally a summer resort destination, was purchased in 1957 by United Lutheran Church – Rocky Mountain Synod and the West Central Augustana Synod. It was renamed Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp, offering Christ-centered hospitality and education to the first campers who arrived in the summer of 1958 to the campers arriving there this summer and, thanks to your generosity, to campers in the future.

Check out this awesome fly-over video: https://youtu.be/0Yuj2aJMXy8

You can see it’s truly an amazing place. There are opportunities for EVERYONE at Rainbow Trail:

Camp Grandparent: https://www.rainbowtrail.org/about/employment-and-volunteering/camp-grandparents/

Compass Points Adventure Experiences: https://www.rainbowtrail.org/compass-points/

Bridging Borders Service Projects: https://www.rainbowtrail.org/bridging-borders/

Retreats for Women, Men, Families, High Schoolers, Seasonal, or design your own: https://www.rainbowtrail.org/retreats/

Special Events: https://www.rainbowtrail.org/special-events/

Summer Camps:  https://www.rainbowtrail.org/summer-camps/

Our  littlest Lutherans (or Episcopalians, Methodists, Catholics, Non-Denoms, unchurched, all are welcome) don’t have to travel 5 hours to get a taste of what Rainbow Trail has to offer, because in addition to on-site camps, Rainbow Trail comes to Durango the second week of July every year to offer Day Camp to the Durango Community. Check out the July Faith Formation post for more info on this year’s Day Camp at CtK.

Our next Social Ministry Team Meeting will be on Tuesday, July 5th @ 10:00am in the Community Hall.

July 2023 — Social Ministry News

June 2022 — Social Ministry News

This is the mission of Manna Soup Kitchen, our June Noisy Offering partner.  In March of this year, Manna opened a resource and navigation center in Durango. This marks the start of a model for supporting needs in our community that people across the area have been dreaming of: a place where people who face food insecurity and the unhoused community can go for traditional meals, but also have access to a food market, showers and bathrooms, computers, washers and dryers, a takeout window AND the connection to resources for housing and employment as well.

Last year Manna 84,496 meals, had 352,850 pounds of food donated and 4,812 volunteer hours from members of the community, like our CtK team which has two works days a month to prepare the meals that day. In addition, there is a garden to provide fresh produce, a backpack program to support student food needs, and a culinary program to help people gain the skills to secure a job in the food service industry.

Christ the King has been a long-term partner with Manna over the decades of service to our community.  Manna continues to create new ways to help people with the most basic needs and to provide connections to ways to sustain their lives.

We hope you will be generous with your donations to Manna in June.  They are a strong partner and one who faithfully serves our area with a big heart and wonderful leadership.  Help us help grow these opportunities! Blessings to you all for your ongoing prayers and your time and resources. Check out their website at: mannasoupkitchen.org for more information.