July 2023 – Church Explained

July 2023 – Church Explained

Church Explained

Pastor Tim hosts “Church Explained”, a monthly feature video that includes discussions and brief educational summaries on topics related to CtK and our Lutheran Church, traditions, and faith. This month’s episode is all about the ELCA Hymnal. Enjoy!

July 2023 – In Other News

July 2023 – In Other News

Worship Information

Sunday, 9:30 AM – INDOOR & LIVE STREAM 

We hope you’ll join us in the CtK Sanctuary and online. All are welcome!

Wednesday “Behold!” 6:00PM – IN-PERSON – CtK Community Hall

We are having dinner before Behold! Come and join us for food and fellowship @ 5:26pm prior to the Wednesday evening service.

Thank you for your help in making in-person worship a safe experience for all.  If you have any questions, please contact Deacon Mandy.

News You Can Use

We are calling on everyone to prayerfully consider how you might use your time and talents to help propel CtK forward in this new hybrid in-person/techno-based way of doing church. We have the technology. Now, we need YOU! Currently, we are seeking to fill ALL categories of worship volunteers:

  • Altar Guild Assistants
  • Worship Assistants
    • Ushers
    • Readers
    • Communion assistants
    • Soundboard/camera operators
    • Presentation computer operators
    • Online church host. This person would be basically acting as a “virtual greeter/online chat person” for worship services.

If you feel you might be interested in any of these volunteer positions and/or if you have any questions, please give Deacon Mandy a call (970-247-5310) or touch base with her during the week. Training will be provided for all volunteers. Thanks for your consideration.

* * * * *

The Chancel Choir is filling the Sanctuary with their melodious voices. The choir meets for rehearsals on Monday evenings from 6:30pm – 7:30pm.

Please contact Jared Wright, Choir Director if you would like to sing. Jared can be reached at 970-759-1834 or email chancelchoir@ctkdurango.org  – All are welcome!


The CtK Handbell Ensemble is ringing out the good news and praises!

This group practices on Sunday mornings @ 8:30am. Please contact Jared Wright, Choir/Music Director or Anita Ashby if you would like to ring. Jared can be reached at the church office or email chancelchoir@ctkdurango.org  – All are welcome!

* * * * *

The noisy offering partner for June is: Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp

* * * * *

Save the Dates – July

Sunday, July 2 – Birthday Sunday – Be sure to join us as we celebrate our CtK members who have birthdays in July! Join us for fellowship and cake! Amen!

Mon. – Thurs. (July 10 – 13) – CtK Day Camp – We are so excited for our annual Day Camp! Please be sure to remember that the CtK Campus is closed this week. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Deacon Mandy or call the church office.

For all events and activities, please check the CtK website for the most current updates.

July 2023 – Fellowship Group News

CtK Piecemaker Quilters

The CtK quilting group meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 10:00am in the Community Hall. We make baptism and prayer quilts for members of our congregation as they are needed. We also make quilts for our local nursing homes and the Navajo Nation through NELM.  We are currently making items for our sale in October. The money that we make from the sale is used to buy batting and fabric for next year’s quilts.

If you would like to quilt, but don’t know how, join us and we will teach you. For other questions, you can contact Judy Olson at (651)303-8450 or judy_olson@yahoo.com.


CtK Book Club

Our book club is currently meeting via Zoom on the second Thursday of the month at 3:00 P.M. This month we are reading The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane by Lisa See. It is a fascinating book about life in the mountains of China and harvesting tea.

We will be reading the following books in the coming months:

July.             The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane by Lisa See

August         The Personal Librarian by Marie Benedict

September   Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

October        Lightening Strike by Kent Krueger

November    Horse by Geraldine Brooks

If you have any questions, contact Judy Olson at (651-303-8450) or judy_olson@yahoo.com.

July 2023 – Bible Studies

Circle of Contemplative Prayer

The Circle of Contemplative Prayer meets the 1st, 3rd, and (if applicable) 5th Monday at 5:30pm. Silent meditation and prayer sessions are followed by a book discussion.  Currently, the discussion topics delve into the ways the contemplative path calls us to connect our inner search for transformational growth with the external realities of how we live and act, what we eat and wear, etc.

NOTE: Meetings are currently being held via Zoom. For the Zoom link and other pertinent information, please text Sharyn Butler at 970-759-6355.  Thank you.

Great Ol’ Broads of God (GoBoGs)

GoBoGs invites you to join them in study and fellowship each Monday from 4:00-5:30 pm. We are currently reading & discussing “The Book of Hope” by Jane Goodall. Share the Care, GoBoGs’ outreach mission, is addressed upon requests. For more information contact:  Sharyn Butler csharynb@yahoo.com and/or Dian Jenkins  jenkdian@gmail.com

*NOTE:  We are currently conferencing via Zoom at 592-847-8387; the password for this meeting is Testify.  The Zoom meeting ID is 966-5642-4190.  Please join them for study sessions that are deeply rewarding. For more information, contact Kayla Hefner at 970-759-1636.

Midweek (Thursday) Bible Study led by Pastor Tim & Deacon Mandy

Bible Study class meets on Thursdays from 12:00-1:15 PM.  Attendees can choose to meet for class in-person OR via Zoom. The link to access these meetings via Zoom is:


If you ever misplace this link, you can also find it on our website at:


The “regular password” is needed to access the meeting via Zoom.  If you need the password, contact the church office at 970-247-5310.  We gladly invite and welcome all to join the class. I look forward to seeing each of you!!!

Khuvara (“Circle of Friends”)

We are a group of ladies that meet in the Community Hall every Thursday at 1:15. We are currently meeting on Zoom but hope to meet in person soon. We begin with a check-in of how every one is doing. We then have a prayer for people in need in our families, our congregation and friends. We always have a book that we are discussing. Right now we are in between books, but hope to choose a book this week.  If you would like to join us or have any questions, please contact me at 651-303-8450 or Judy_olson@yahoo.com.

Spiritual Study Group (SSG)

Our group meets on Thursdays at 3:00pm in the Chapel. For more information, or the Zoom link, contact Aurora Rose. (970-382-1848)

July 2023 — Social Ministry News

July 2023 — Social Ministry News

Habitat for Humanity: A BIG Thank You to all the people who helped make our Build Day a success. We had 7 people who worked on the two townhouses – painting, landscaping, repairing railings. Three who worked on the lunch, and two who contributed a total of $500 to Habitat through Thrivent. That money was used to buy a door, paint, weather striping, wood, and more…some of which we used on Saturday. In one capacity or another, this group included Larry Rardin, John Condie, Kim & Mitch Hobby, Bev Dittmer, Larry Hjermstad, Pete Olson, Jacob Johnston, Lynn Mitzlafff, and Rap Fairley.

Frequently other volunteers join us on our build day. This time one of the Habitat Partners (those who have qualified to buy a Habitat home) needed to put in her sweat equity hours; so, she came out to help paint. She is a single parent, with two girls, who teaches in our school district. She has a second job, but still cannot afford to buy a house on the open market. Hopefully home ownership will be a dream come true for them – thanks to Habitat with a little help from CtK!