January 2021–In Other News. . .

January 2021–In Other News. . .

Communion Sign-Up

La Plata County is currently at Covid-19 Dial Level Red,  so we are discontinuing our option for INDOOR Communion services until further notice.  However, we will still have the OUTDOOR DRIVE-IN Communion service. Please sign up HERE so we can ensure we have adequate communion supplies on hand.

Procedures for the 1:00pm OUTDOOR DRIVE-IN Communion Service:

  • Participants are to remain in their cars for the duration of the service.
  • For convenience, please write down any prayer requests you have on a piece of paper. These will be collected once you arrive at the church parking lot.
  • Sound for the communion service will be transmitted to your car radio on 96.5 FM.
  • The communion elements will be brought to you in your car.

Thank you for your help in making this a safe experience for all.  If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Tim.


Save the Dates–January

Sunday, January 24, 2021:  Please plan to join our Special Congregational Meeting to be held immediately following our 9:15 am worship service. This meeting is for the purpose of voting to call Mandy Gardner as a Deacon to serve at Christ the King Lutheran Church.

For all events and activities, please check the CtK website for updates. 


January 2021 — In Our Prayers

January 2021 — In Our Prayers

Please keep the following Military men and women in your prayers…

To add or remove names from this list, please contact Linda

  • 1st Lt. Mitch Bugaj stationed in Germany–Nephew of Ronnie Zaday
  • Major Ryan Bankhead—Brother of Eryn Orlowski
  • Sgt. John Dee—Son in-law of Wendy Krull
  • Sgt. Chris Gomez—Nephew of BJ and Danny Pierce
  • Staff Sergeant (SSgt.) Airman Paul Herr—Nephew of Gary & Carol Orlowski
  • Hugh Jones, Jr. Sailor—Son of Rick & Janeann Jones
  • Sgt. Brandon Minser —Son in-law of Wendy Krull
  • LCDR Andy Schaaf—Son of Merilee and Mark Fleming
  • Major Clayton Stransky—Nephew of Kip and Laura Stransky
  • Master Sargent Stephen Van Dover—Nephew of Nancy Van Dover

CtK family & friends who are in need of prayer…

To add or remove names from this list, please contact Linda White

  • Shawn Johnston
  • The Family of Mary Southworth
  • The Family of Larry Rardin
  • The Family of Beverly Dittmer
  • The Family of William Buslee
  • The Family of Jigger Staby
  • Mary Ann Craig
  • The Family of David Smith
  • Carol Orlowski
  • Bonnie Jung
  • Roger Landgren
  • Julie Williams
  • Laura Stransky
  • Dottie Johnson
  • Larry & Lauren Rardin
  • Darlene Warring
  • Bonnie Rossmiller
  • LuLu Mae Hess
  • Bev Brown
  • Lori Lachelt
  • Kayla Hefner
  • Carol Gunderson
  • CtK’s ministry and partnership with both the Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission in Rock Point, AZ and San Juan Bautista Lutheran Church in Zaculeu, Guatemala.
  • CtK’s Homebound Ministry and all those who serve our homebound members through this ministry.
  • Mandy Gardner, CtK’s Director of Faith Formation.  She was approved for Endorsement by the Rocky Mountain Synod.
  • All those battling mental illness and addictions.
  • Each person in our CtK church family.
  • All the front-line workers striving to keep Durango and our surrounding community safe, healthy, fed, educated, and mentally and spiritually fulfilled during the Covid-19 crisis.  May God bless and protect EVERYONE!
January 2021 — Social Ministry News

January 2021 — Social Ministry News

Serving Our Congregation and the Community

How to Help CEAC (Community Emergency Assistance Coalition)

Over many years, Christ the King has been an active supporter of the CEAC process, where people in the community can apply once/year for grants for emergency assistance. You have heard from Pastor Tim over the last few months how we are encouraging support for CEAC through our Noisy Offering. 

One more way to help throughout the year (if you are an LPEA customer) is to sign up through LPEA. Here is what they have to say on their website, www.lpea.coop:

“Sometimes it can be hard to know how we, as individuals, can really make a difference in our communities. But your pennies are powerful! By electing to “round up” your electric bill to the next highest dollar every month, you can make a meaningful impact. Your pennies, combined with those from your neighbors, have generated more than one million dollars in funds for local agencies in La Plata and Archuleta counties. 

LPEA’s inaugural Round Up board was formed in 1996, and by 1997, the foundation had issued its first grant – $1,000 to the Manna Soup Kitchen. Since then, the foundation has endured as a win-win enterprise. Individually, the contributions may be exceedingly small, but, as mentioned above, those pennies add up.”

If you are an LPEA member and would like to participate in the “Round Up” your bill program, please use the form found on the website or call (970) 247-5786.

Thanks for considering this small act to assist members of our community!

The CtK Social Ministry Team





January 2021 — By the Numbers

January 2021 — By the Numbers

Our Gifts Blessing Others:

Please note:  At the end of the year, several members did not receive their contribution statements because their spam blocked our newly created email address.  CtK’s recent contribution statements were emailed in July from fin.sec@ctkdurango.org.  So if you have any questions or concerns, please use this email address to contact us.  Thank you.

Synod $1,31
World Hunger $625
Social Ministry $14,662
Total Benevolence $16,618
Synod $17,798
World Hunger $  7,817
Social Ministry $29,197
Total Benevolence $54,812

Financial Update:

Gifts Received $22,180
Facility Donations $       50
Rental Income $      833
Expenses $27,812
Net Operating Income $ (4,749)
Gifts Received $296,629
Facility Donations $       300
Rental Income $    4,167
Expenses $272,428
Net Operating  Income $  28,714
Endowment Fund Balance $ 168,399

Worship Attendance:

Wednesday, December 2, 6pm 6
Sunday, December 6, 9:15am 58
Wednesday, December 9, 6pm 5
Sunday, December 13, 9:15am 57
Wednesday, December 16, 6pm No service
Sunday, December 20, 9:15am 68
Wednesday, December 23, 6pm No service
Christmas Eve, December 24, 5 & 7pm

5pm = 63

7pm = 33

Sunday, December 27, 9:15am 46
Monthly Total 336



January 2021 Bible Studies

January 2021 Bible Studies


Bible Studies

Circle of Contemplative Prayer

The Circle of Contemplative Prayer meets each Monday from 5:30pm-7:00pm. Meetings are currently being held via Zoom. A silent meditation and prayers are then followed by a book discussion.  Their current study book is “The Sacred Enneagram: Finding Your Unique Path to Spiritual Growth” by Christopher Heuertz.  For the Zoom link and other pertinent information, please text Sharyn Butler at 970-759-6355.  Thank you.

Great Ol’ Broads of God (GoBoGs)

GoBoGs invites you to join them in study and fellowship each Monday from 4:00-5:30 pm. Share the Care, GoBoGs’ outreach mission, is addressed upon requests.  They are currently studying “White Fragility” by Robin Diangelo.   NOTE:  During the health crisis, they are conferencing via Zoom at 592-847-8387; the password for this meeting is Testify.  The Zoom meeting ID is 966-5642-4190.  Please join them for study sessions that are deeply rewarding. For more information, contact Kayla Hefner at 970-759-1636.

Midweek Bible Study led by Pastor Tim

Bible Study class metings on Thursdays from 12:00-1:15 PM are currently on hiatus until further notice due to the pandemic.  We hope to be able to Zoom classes again soon.  Thank you.  Stay safe. Stay well.

Khuvara (“Circle of Friends”)

The Khuvara Women’s Group current book for discussion is entitled, “Everyone’s Normal till You Get to Know Them” by John Ortberg.  All women are welcome, and we gladly invite new members to join us.  For meeting time/place during Covid,  please call Stella at 970-903-9327.  

Spiritual Study Group (SSG)

Currently, the Spiritual Study Group meetings are suspended until further notice due to Covid-19.  For more information, contact Aurora Rose.