November 2020 Fellowship Group News

November 2020 Fellowship Group News

CtK Piecemaker Quilters

The Piecemaker Quilters are meeting regularly on the 4th Wednesday of each month from 10 am until 2 pm.  Everyone is welcome to attend.   For more information and meeting location, please call Stella Welcher at 970-903-9327.  We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Click here to shop the Piecemakers’ Quilt Sale


CtK Book Club

The CtK Book Club meets on the second Thursday of each month.  On Thursday, November 12th, we will discuss a book by Honey Mon entitled, “Eleanor Oliphant.”  We will close out the year in December on Thursday the 10th by discussing a book by Kim Richardson, “The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek.”  Anyone can attend one or more book discussions.    If you are interested in attending, please call Stella Welcher at 970-903-9327 for more information and meeting location.  

November 2020 Bible Studies

November 2020 Bible Studies


Bible Studies

Circle of Contemplative Prayer

The Circle of Contemplative Prayer meetings are currently being held via ZoomTheir current study book is “The Sacred Enneagram: Finding Your Unique Path to Spiritual Growth” by Christopher Heuertz.  For the Zoom link and other pertinent information, please text Sharyn Butler at 970-759-6355.  Thank you.

Great Ol’ Broads of God (GoBoGs)

GoBoGs invites you to join them in study and fellowship each Monday from 4:00-5:30 pm. (The first Monday of each month is dedicated to Share the Care, GoBoGs’ outreach mission.) They are currently studying “Holy Envy” by Barbara Brown Taylor.  NOTE:  During the health crisis, they are conferencing via Zoom at 592-847-8387; the password for this meeting is Testify.  The Zoom meeting ID is 966-5642-4190.  Please join them for study sessions that are deeply rewarding. For more information, contact Kayla Hefner at 970-759-1636.

Midweek Bible Study led by Pastor Tim

Bible Study class meets each Thursday from 12:00-1:15 PM via Zoom conferencing.   You can  join Pastor Tim  for class by clicking this link:   Pastor Tim is currently discussing 2nd Timothy.   After that will be Titus. Discussions are engaging and span a variety of topics.  Please “zoom in!”

Khuvara (“Circle of Friends”)

The Khuvara Women’s Group is starting a new book for discussion entitled, “Everyone’s Normal till You Get to Know Them” by John Ortberg.  We are currently meeting each Thursday at 1:00 pm at Fassbinder Park.  Please wear a mask and bring a lawn chair.  All women are welcome, and we gladly invite new members to join us. If you have any questions, please call Stella at 970-903-9327.   

Spiritual Study Group (SSG)

Currently, the Spiritual Study Group meetings are suspended until further notice due to Covid-19.  For more information, contact Aurora Rose.  

November 2020 — In Our Prayers

November 2020 — In Our Prayers

Please keep the following Military men and women in your prayers…

To add or remove names from this list, please contact Linda

  • 1st Lt. Mitch Bugaj stationed in Germany–Nephew of Ronnie Zaday
  • Major Ryan Bankhead—Brother of Eryn Orlowski
  • Sgt. John Dee—Son in-law of Wendy Krull
  • Sgt. Chris Gomez—Nephew of BJ and Danny Pierce
  • Staff Sergeant (SSgt.) Airman Paul Herr—Nephew of Gary & Carol Orlowski
  • Hugh Jones, Jr. Sailor—Son of Rick & Janeann Jones
  • Sgt. Brandon Minser —Son in-law of Wendy Krull
  • LCDR Andy Schaaf—Son of Merilee and Mark Fleming
  • Major Clayton Stransky—Nephew of Kip and Laura Stransky
  • Master Sargent Stephen Van Dover—Nephew of Nancy Van Dover

CtK family & friends who are in need of prayer…

To add or remove names from this list, please contact Linda White

  • The Family of Larry Rardin
  • The Family of Beverly Dittmer
  • The Family of William Buslee
  • Carol Orlowski
  • Bonnie Jung
  • Roger Landgren
  • The Family of Jigger Staby
  • The Family of David Smith
  • Julie Williams
  • Laura Stransky
  • Dottie Johnson
  • Larry & Lauren Rardin
  • Mary Southworth
  • Darlene Warring
  • Bonnie Rossmiller
  • LuLu Mae Hess
  • Bev Brown
  • Lori Lachelt
  • Kayla Hefner
  • Carol Gunderson
  • CtK’s ministry and partnership with both the Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission in Rock Point, AZ and San Juan Bautista Lutheran Church in Zaculeu, Guatemala.
  • CtK’s Homebound Ministry and all those who serve our homebound members through this ministry.
  • Mandy Gardner, CtK’s Director of Faith Formation.  She was approved for Endorsement by the Rocky Mountain Synod.
  • All those battling mental illness and addictions.
  • Each person in our CtK church family.
  • All the front-line workers striving to keep Durango and our surrounding community safe, healthy, fed, educated, and mentally and spiritually fulfilled during the Covid-19 crisis.  May God bless and protect EVERYONE!
November 2020 — Social Ministry News

November 2020 — Social Ministry News

Serving Our Congregation and the Community

Holiday Update from the Social Ministry Committee

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and it promises to be an unusual one.  More than one annual holiday event will have to modified or abandoned.  Here is a summary of what we know so far.  

The annual Stuffing Smooshing is cancelled.  There is no way to get the stuffing baked in time and according to COVID-modified guidelines.  Sorry to all of you who turn out annually to smoosh.  However, there will be a modified Community Thanksgiving Dinner with take-out and delivery available.  They do need volunteers to make the take-out at the fairgrounds work, and they will need drivers to deliver.  If you are interested in helping out, call Tonya Wales at (970) 799-2782.

The Salvation Army says they are definitely ringing this year (which doesn’t surprise us, as it is their primary funding source), but they are still working out the details.  They will likely cut back on the number of shifts each day, and might have to modify locations.  If you are interested in helping out with the bell ringing, or just want to stay updated, email John Condie at  

As some of you may know, Project Merry Christmas closed up shop in Durango last year (didn’t have anything to do with COVID).  The Social Ministry Committee is discussing alternative projects that CtK might take on instead.  See next month’s Scribe for details.

Thanks to all of you for your support,

The Social Ministry Committee.


Give Something Unexpected this Christmas!

In Christ, we receive the gift of God’s love.  Let us share God’s love with others in the world.

ELCA Good Gifts are a fun and meaningful way to honor friends and family with Christmas gifts that will go on to make a difference in the world.  Choose from more than 50 gift options (goats / pigs anyone?) each with the ability to make real, lasting change in the life of someone in need.

When you give online, you may personalize, for free, printed cards to be sent directly to your friends and loved ones.  You may select to send cards to yourself, print them at home or have them delivered via e-mail.  Select your cards at checkout.

Looking to Donate to Something Closer to Home?

A reminder that Tuesday, December 8, 2020 is Colorado Gives Day!  A one million dollar Incentive Fund has been established so that every non-profit that receives a donation on that day will receive a portion of the fund, thus increasing the impact and value of every dollar that you donated.

Go to and choose the county where the non-profits you want to support are located.






November 2020 – Faith Formation

November 2020 – Faith Formation

5th Annual Art Gala 

Join us on ZOOM November 7th at 6pm for our Annual Art Gala with works made by YOU based on the Book of Daniel.

We’ll all login the zoom on Saturday night, November 7th, and everyone who made something or wants to show something like a poem or song will have the chance to do so.

Dress up fancy if you want – like we usually do when we’re in-person. But this time you only have to be fancy from the waist up. laughing

Then, on Sunday, November 8th, bring your works of art to CtK so we can display them and take pictures/video to show during a future worship service. We’re also working on a way for you to sign up to come to the church to view it all in person – the best way to view art – so stay tuned for that.

WHAT: 5th Annual Art Gala

WHEN: November 7th at 6pm

WHERE: Zoom, Password is the same as always; email Mandy if you need it.

Want to view the Daniel Art in person? Sign up here.