February 2023 – In Other News

February 2023 – In Other News

February 2023 – In Other News

Worship Information

Sunday, 9:30 AM – INDOOR & LIVE STREAM 

We hope you’ll join us in the CtK Sanctuary and online. All are welcome!

Wednesday “Behold!” 6:00PM – IN-PERSON – CtK Community Hall

We are having dinner before Behold! Come and join us for food and fellowship @ 5:26pm prior to the Wednesday evening service.

Thank you for your help in making in-person worship a safe experience for all.  If you have any questions, please contact Deacon Mandy.

News You Can Use

We are calling on everyone to prayerfully consider how you might use your time and talents to help propel CtK forward in this new hybrid in-person/techno-based way of doing church. We have the technology. Now, we need YOU! Currently, we are seeking to fill ALL categories of worship volunteers:

  • Altar Guild Assistants
  • Worship Assistants
    • Ushers
    • Readers
    • Communion assistants
    • Soundboard/camera operators
    • Presentation computer operators
    • Online church host. This person would be basically acting as a “virtual greeter/online chat person” for worship services.

If you feel you might be interested in any of these volunteer positions and/or if you have any questions, please give Deacon Mandy a call (970-247-5310) or touch base with her during the week. Training will be provided for all volunteers. Thanks for your consideration.

* * * * *

The Chancel Choir is filling the Sanctuary with their melodious voices. The choir meets for rehearsals on Monday evenings from 6:30pm – 7:30pm.

Please contact Jared Wright, Choir Director if you would like to sing. Jared can be reached at 970-759-1834 or email chancelchoir@ctkdurango.org  – All are welcome!


The CtK Handbell Ensemble is ringing out the good news and praises!

This group practices on Sunday mornings @ 8:30am. Please contact Jared Wright, Choir/Music Director or Anita Ashby if you would like to ring. Jared can be reached at the church office or email chancelchoir@ctkdurango.org  – All are welcome!

* * * * *

CtK’s Noisy Offering Recipient for February is ELCA World Hunger!

* * * * *

Save the Dates – February

Saturday, February 4 – CtK “Camp-In”! Join us in the community hall for a good ol’ fashioned Camp-In! We’ll build forts, tents, make s’mores, sing songs, play games, and much more. All are welcome!

Sunday, February 5 – Birthday Sunday! Be sure to join us after our Sunday worship service for cake and fellowship as we celebrate all the birthdays of the month! Cheers!

Sunday, February 5 – Boy Scout Sunday – Join us in person for worship as we recognize our local troop of scouts. They will be on hand after the worship service serving breakfast and providing fellowship activities.

Saturday, February 18 – Join us for a day in Silverton to watch Skijoring events. Meet at the church at 9:30am and carpool to Silverton. No dogs allowed near the skiing course. Contact Holly Landgren for more info.

Wednesday, February 22 – Ash Wednesday – Join us in person and online for worship as we enter into the 2023 season of Lent.

For all events and activities, please check the CtK website for the most current updates.

February 2023 — Social Ministry News

February 2023 — Social Ministry News

Lenten ELCA World Hunger Focus

Christ the King will again focus some of our energy during Lent on the work of the ELCA to help fight World Hunger.

Our goal during Lent this year is to collect $6,000 to help feed the over 811 million undernourished people in the world.

To help us meet this goal, we will be handing out coin boxes, with a Piggy Bank theme, to be used during the 40 days of Lent. If you fill it up just add it to the Noisy Offering can.  We will make sure to have extras available so you can continue to help meet our goal.  Banks will be available starting on Sunday February 19th

People around the world are suffering from Covid, inflation, climate change, droughts, flooding, inflation, war and so much more.  As brothers and sisters in Christ we have heard the call to serve and support those whose basic needs are not met—whether locally, in our country or throughout the world.

Please join us for this time of reflection, prayer and praise as we journey toward the blessings of Easter and God’s fulfilled promises.

Christ the King’s Love Fund

For many years, Christ the King has maintained the Love Fund.  Its purpose is to provide gifts of monetary support to members, attendees, and staff in times of short-term need.  This support comes as an expression of God’s love from the congregation and imposes no requirements on the recipient. 

Financial emergencies can take many forms—unexpected car repairs, unusual medical bills, temporary disability, or loss of work.  The fund has helped people in the past with rent and mortgage payments, legal fees, utility bills and more.  If you, or anyone you know in the congregation, is experiencing a financial emergency, bring it to Pastor Tim’s or Deacon Mandy’s attention.  The names of recipients and any specific circumstances that might reveal their identities will be held in strictest confidence by both our ministers.  If they, with the advice of  the Social Ministry team, find it appropriate and agree that there are no other reasonable options, the Love fund will try to help.

The flip side of this is, of course, that if you have been gifted by God in abundance, please consider making a donation to the Love Fund.  Just write “Love Fund” on the memo line of a check.  Lots of small contributions can go a long way.

We know there are members out there who are currently experiencing financial difficulties.  Talk to one of our ministers; let the Love Fund do what it was intended to do.

February 2023 — By the Numbers

Our Gifts Blessing Others:

Please note:  CtK contribution statements are emailed quarterly from automail@360members.com   Email beth@ctkdurango.org with questions, corrections, or if you need a paper statement mailed.  Thank you.

Synod $  2,827
World Hunger $     860
Social Ministry $   6,446
Total Benevolence $  10,133



Synod $  23,330
World Hunger $  14,223
Social Ministry $  27,449
Total Benevolence $  65,002


Financial Update:


Gifts Received $   40,863
Facility Donations $        225
Rental Income $        833
Expenses $   31,131
Net Operating Income $   10,791



Gifts Received $     337,451
Facility Donations $         2,839
Rental Income $        10,000
Expenses $     338,644
Net Operating  Income $         11,645
Endowment Fund Balance $      166,967
Building Fund Balance $        17,641
Love Fund Balance $       30,149



Worship Attendance:


Date Wed. 6pm Sun. 9:30am
Jan 1
  53 P + 34 D
Jan 4
9 P
Jan 8
81 P + 24 D
Jan 11
9 P 
Jan 15
16 P + 52 D
Jan 18
8 P
Jan 22
80 P + 27 D
Jan 25
12 P
Jan 29
  80 P 27 + D
Monthly Totals 38 P
310 P + 164 D

Note:    P = the number of People attending in-person worship at CtK.

              D = the number of Devices signed into Zoom or Livestream, NOT the number of individuals (since more than one person can watch service on a single device.)

February 2023 — Worship Assistants

February 2023 — Worship Assistants

To sign up for this or any of our volunteer opportunities, be sure to visit: https://www.ctkdurango.org/signup/

Thank You!


Sunday Worship Assistants

9:30 am Inside Sanctuary unless otherwise noted.




Feb 5 – 9:30am Catherine Hawk
Gary Henschen
Aurora Rose
Feb 12 – 9:30am Catherine Hawk Lynn Mitzlaff
Molly Bodewes
Feb 19 – 9:30am
 Catherine Hawk
Barbara Hawxhurst Addison Ashby
Feb 22 – 6:00pm
Catherine Hawk Carla Gonneville
Carol Orlowski
Feb 26 – 9:30am
Carol Orlowski
Gary Orlowski
Addison Ashby


Sunday Media Desk

9:30 am Inside Sanctuary unless otherwise noted.







Feb 5 – 9:30am Dan Graves
Angelia Graves
D & A Graves
Feb 12 – 9:30am Anita Ashby Gary Rollstin
Feb 19 – 9:30am
Dan Graves
Angelia Graves D & A Graves
Feb 22 – 6:00pm Anita Ashby
Gary Rollstin
Gary Orlowski
Feb 26 – 9:30am Catherine Hawk
Gary Rollstin