Where is CtK located?

495 Florida Road, across from Chapman Hill, in Durango.

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What are CtK's service times?

Sundays at 8am and 10:30am. Wednesdays at 5:26pm (dinner provided at 5pm).

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I’m not a Lutheran – may I take communion?

Yes! All people – young, old, member, non-member, however you identify yourself – are welcome to join in communion, trusting that Christ promises to be truly present. We provide a common cup (containing red wine) or individual cups (containing red wine or white grape juice).  Whole wheat communion bread is served, and gluten free communion bread is available if desired.

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When is Sunday School?

When is Sunday School?

 A. Generally, 9:15-10:15am.


Confirmation Class (all ages above 5th grade): 9:30-10:15am Sundays, September-May

Intergenerational: 9:30-10:15am year-round. Child care available.

Children’s Church about 10:45am Sundays (children can go with the teacher right before the sermon)

May I bring my child to a worship service?

Please do! Children are always welcome at worship services. You can borrow a tote bag containing materials for quiet, age-appropriate activities your child may work on during the service. The 10:30 AM Sunday service usually has the most children in attendance, and the Wednesday evening Behold! service is interactive.

What if my child gets noisy during a service?

Babbling, talking, and squealing are no big deal. We like to hear children participate in the service. On the other hand, if your child is having a screaming tantrum, you should both probably take a break outside for a few minutes. Feel free to use the Chapel/Cry Room, where you can close the door but also turn on the TV and hear & see what is happening in the Sanctuary. Ask an usher if you need assistance.

Do you have childcare available during services?

Yes! Our nursery is staffed during the 10:30AM service every Sunday. Children 1st grade and under begin the service in the Sanctuary with their parents, then go to the Nursery with the attendants after Children’s Time with Pastor.

May I bring my dog to church?

Only if he/she is a service animal, or one in training.

When does CtK's Youth Group meet?

Check out all their activities on BAND – the app for groups and communities.

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You can also contact our Youth Director.

How accessible is CtK for those with disabilities?

CtK’s Sanctuary, Community Hall, and church offices are wheelchair accessible, and we have two accessible family restrooms. The sanctuary aisles are extra wide to accommodate a wheelchair next to each of the pews. Ushers can provide individual audio amplification systems for worship services.  We need your input on how to eliminate as many barriers as possible; call 970-247-5310 with suggestions. 

How do I become a member?

Let Pastor Tim know you are interested in joining the church. Talk to him before or after a worship service, email him, or call the church office, 970-247-5310.

I can’t kneel at the altar rail. How do I take communion?

It’s fine to stand, if you wish. You can also let an usher know before or during the service, and the pastor will bring the elements to you.

Do I have to be a member to get a name tag?

Nope. Sign up on the clipboard in the Welcome Center with your name and preference of clip or magnet. You can also email the church office, or call, Monday through Thursday, at 970-247-5310. Until you have one of your own, wear one of the reusable tags on the easel in the Welcome Center.

What should I wear to a worship service?

In general, “business casual” clothes will work for any service. We may dress up a little for Christmas and Easter, but this is Durango, where fresh jeans and clean boots sometimes count as formal wear. We care a lot more about your presence than your attire.

I’m ________. Will I really be welcome at Christ the King?

Fill in the blank with: divorced, married, single, gay, heterosexual, lesbian, transgender, conservative, liberal, old, young, a tourist, a Durango native, agnostic, Swedish, not a Scandinavian, poor, wealthy, funny-looking, etc.

The answer is always YES. If you have a pulse, you are wanted here. (For those without a pulse, there’s an automatic defibrillator in the Community Hall.)

What is the ELCA?

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is CtK’s parent organization.

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Who was Martin Luther?

Martin Luther was a priest and professor at the University of Wittenberg in Germany. In the process of trying to correct problems within the Roman Catholic Church, he initiated the Protestant Reformation. Luther objected to several tenets of the Catholic Church of the time, including the idea that people could buy forgiveness of sins. Luther taught that God alone could forgive sins and that faith alone was sufficient to gain entrance to heaven. For these and other radical teachings, Luther was excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church in early 1521, then condemned to death as a heretic. Immediately after the proceedings, Luther was kidnapped (rescued) and taken to Wartburg Castle, where he lived for a year under the protection of Frederic the Wise. During his exile, he translated the New Testament from Greek into German, which allowed the gospel to be read aloud and understood by commoners – a revolutionary concept at the time. As rebellion against the Roman Catholic Church spread, it grew increasingly violent, and secular authorities asked Luther to return to Wittenberg to bring some order to the movement. In the following 24 years, he completed translation of the Old Testament, wrote hundreds of treatises on faith, and established what is now known as the Lutheran Church.