Habitat for Humanity is our August recipient for the CtK Noisy Offering!

This summer, John Condi, Larry Rardin, Kim Hobby, Bev Dittmer, Jim Mayand Rap plus Jackie and John Coskin, for a total of 8 participated in the Habitat Build/helped prepare lunch.  A special thanks to Larry Hjermstad whose Thrivent donation was used to pay for the volunteers’ lunch.

Build Status of Duplex (Updated)

  • The exterior walls are all built and the 2nd floor interior walls in the west unit are complete.
  • All of the sewer, water, electrical, and other connections have been made; the backfill has started around the front portion of the homes.
  • Americorps volunteers ran down to Tempe for a week to volunteer at the wheelchair games in Tempe, AZ.
  • Habitat has also built interior walls in the east unit and sheath the exterior.  Roofers to come out soon along with a crew to build the stairs.

Our special thanks to Anita Ashby for picking up the slack and meeting with Rachel, not to mention following up on the Temple Talk. You rock!

Thank you to everyone for giving of their time and talents. We look forward to August!