CtK’s Noisy Offering partner for July is Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp, or RTLC. Nestled in Hillside, CO, the site, originally a summer resort destination, was purchased in 1957 by United Lutheran Church – Rocky Mountain Synod and the West Central Augustana Synod. It was renamed Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp, offering Christ-centered hospitality and education to the first campers who arrived in the summer of 1958 to the campers arriving there this summer and, thanks to your generosity, to campers in the future.

Check out this awesome fly-over video: https://youtu.be/0Yuj2aJMXy8

You can see it’s truly an amazing place. There are opportunities for EVERYONE at Rainbow Trail:

Camp Grandparent: https://www.rainbowtrail.org/about/employment-and-volunteering/camp-grandparents/

Compass Points Adventure Experiences: https://www.rainbowtrail.org/compass-points/

Bridging Borders Service Projects: https://www.rainbowtrail.org/bridging-borders/

Retreats for Women, Men, Families, High Schoolers, Seasonal, or design your own: https://www.rainbowtrail.org/retreats/

Special Events: https://www.rainbowtrail.org/special-events/

Summer Camps:  https://www.rainbowtrail.org/summer-camps/

Our  littlest Lutherans (or Episcopalians, Methodists, Catholics, Non-Denoms, unchurched, all are welcome) don’t have to travel 5 hours to get a taste of what Rainbow Trail has to offer, because in addition to on-site camps, Rainbow Trail comes to Durango the second week of July every year to offer Day Camp to the Durango Community. Check out the July Faith Formation post for more info on this year’s Day Camp at CtK.

Our next Social Ministry Team Meeting will be on Tuesday, July 5th @ 10:00am in the Community Hall.