Thank you CtK!

The Silent Auction raised $1144 for the Youth Gathering! Everyone who bid is downright amazing.

Trivia Night was also tons of fun – we might just do it again, so be on the lookout for that.

Congrats to David Smith who was the first to respond with the correct number of otters (3) on the Silent Auction page!

Other fundraising ideas the Youth have is a concert, bake sale, another auction (live or silent, depending). If you would like to create a Thrivent Action Team toward helping the Youth purchase prizes or ingredients or goods for auction, please email Mandy and she and the Youth will contact you.

As always, you can simply donate money to the youth on the Youth Page.

You can be a part of planning a fundraiser, you can give money, you can hire the Youth to do an Odd Job for you! Get in touch today: CtK Youth Fundraiser! Woo Hoo!