Youth Gathering Fundraiser

Silent Auction

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who bid!

Total donation amount: $1144!

What’s it all about?

CtK’s Youth used Thrivent Community Impact Cards (provided by 2 of our CtK’ers) to support local businesses and create these amazing auction items. We did not ask for donations, but a huge shout-out to Create Art & Tea, Flying Fish Co, Cliffside Ski & Bike, and to Bread for donating!

Your winning bid will help our Youth get to the 2022 ELCA Youth Gathering in Minneapolis.

Auction Items

The Foodie

Zia Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips (12 oz)

Durango Salsa Co Medium Heat Salsa (15 oz)

36 Hamburgers Seasoning Mix (2.5 oz)

San Juan Mtn Mustard Steamworks Backside Stout Mustard (2.9 oz)

True Blonde Ale Honey Mustard (2.9 oz)

Honeywell Salted Bourbon Vanilla Whipped Wildflower Honey (11.5 oz)

Dgo Olive Oil Co Roasted Garlic Olive Oil (100 ml) & Italian Herb Olive Oil (100 ml)

O’Hara Palisade Peach Jam and chokecherry Jelly (2.75 oz each)

Dgo Artisan Foods Italian Dressing Mix, Italian Beef Seasoning, Italian chicken seasoning (1 oz each)

Candelaria’s powdered green chili (2 oz)

Candelaria’s Durango Traditional Mild Chile Seasoning and Medium Southwest Seasoning Blend (1 oz each)

WINNER: Ronnie Zaday $150

Chocolate Lover

Rocky Mountain Favorites (7.5 oz)

Sea Salted Caramels (2.3 oz)

Dark Chocolate Covered Potato Chips (4 oz)

Milk & Dark Chocolate Truffle bars (2 @ 3 oz each)

Rocky Mountain Crisp bar (2.5 oz)

Cookies & Cream Bar (3 oz)

Chocolate suckers, milk & white (2 count)

Snow Flakes (pkg of 5 assorted)

Smelter Hot Chocolate Mix (6 oz)


Winner Holly Landgren $85

Self Care

Rose petal tea lights (4)

American Wildflower Herbal Tea (uncaffienated)

Crystal cleansing stones and pottery bowl

Tea steeper (universal)

Handmade White Oak wooden heart 

Lavender Body Butter (3 oz)

Cura.te Spray Hand Sanitizer (2 oz)

Cura.te Lavender Soap (5 oz)

Perfect Radiance Facial Mash #Unicorn Glow

Inspirational Card by Deborah Sussex

Inspirational Blown Glass “Be”

Cura.te Lip Balm Organic Orange Vanilla

Tea Drops dissolvable tea (5)

Bear Balm (.5 oz)

Cream Bean Berry mini scoop gift certificate 

Winner Annie Burress $80

Coffee Addict

White Durango Joe’s travel mug 16.9 fl oz

Durango coffee company mug

1 pumpkin spice be-bop biscotti 

1 chocolate peppermint crush be-bop biscotti

1 hazelnut zebra be-bob biscotti 

12 oz Durango Joe’s Red Mountain whole bean coffee

12 oz 81301 coffee ColoRADo blend whole bean coffee

12 oz Durango Coffee Company whole bean coffee

Javamill 6oz coffee grinder


Winner Jigger Staby $100

It's British, innit?

2 free oz of tea from Create Art and Tea

Gold Honeybee Honey Spoon

Tea Fortē Birdsong Steeping Cup with Infuser

Old Barrel Tea Co. Lavender Creme Brûlée Rooibos Loose Leaf Tea (2.41oz)

Honeyville Cinnamon Whipped Wildflower Honey (11.5oz),

Old Barrel Tea Co. Wild Strawberry White Tea (1.38oz)

Tea Drop assorted flavor single serve teas (5g each)

Bread Gift Certificate


Winner Molly Bodewes $100

Feline Friends

Tiki Cat Velvet Mousse Salmon flavor (2.8 oz)

Tiki Cat After Dark Chicken in Broth (2.8oz)

TC duck and chicken in Broth (1.3 oz)

Churu Treats (4 count)

Fussie Cat Chicken with Sweet Potato and chicken with duck (2.82oz each)

Handcrafted catnip infused toy (chicka-di-dooda)

Little creepers refillable catnip toys (3 mice)


Winner Gary Orlowski $100

Puppy Pals

Bocce’s Bakery Red Velvet Dog Treats (6oz)

Yummy Combs Dog Treats (3 count)

Hoggin’ Dogs Cheese Ice Cream Mix (4.65 oz)

Nulo Freestyle turkey protein stick (.53 oz)

Kong Floppy Knots Toy

Zuke’s Crunchy Naturals Peanut Butter and Banana Treats (12 oz)


Winner Cora Landgren $60

Outdoor Adventure

Ski rental for 2 for 2 days (4 total rentals) from Cliffside Ski & Bike

2 T-Shirts


Winner Louise Clark $76

Secret Sack

It’s a Mystery.

No telling what’s in it (but nothing awful).

Even the ? is backwards.

Bid at your own risk. wink

Winner Dan Graves $125

Loaves & Fishes

Feed the 5000. Or however many with
Gift Certificates from Bread and Flying Fish Co.

Winner Ann Duft $68

Purple Ice Cream Truck

Treat yo’self! Have the Purple Ice Cream Truck come to your house, neighborhood, or workplace this summer (or when it’s safe to do so).

Winner Dan Graves $200

Find any otters? What’s that about? Maybe you should take note…