Habitat Thanks YOU! 

BIG thanks to our volunteers who came out to help at our CtK Habitat Build Day.  We weren’t working under our normal conditions, and it was hot.  But Pete Olson and John Condie managed to put up all the batten on the back side of the house, and it looked very nice and finished!  There would have been more volunteers if I had done a better job of explaining the build day was on Friday instead of our usual Saturday.  I apologize.  Thanks, guys.   

Rap Fairley

Social Ministry CtK Habitat Coordinator


Our Local Ministrys Partner Update

As we continue though this year with the local impacts of the pandemic, our local ministry partners, for the most part, have seen dramatic increases in their services.  We would like to encourage the congregation to connect directly with these groups for two purposes:  1) with your financial support if possible; and 2) to explore any ways you might be able to help during this time.  Several groups do have some potential projects that require volunteers.  Volunteer situations would all be treated safely; but we understand that many of our people are not comfortable with any physical contact.  That is understandable.  But some of us are yearning for ways to actually HELP.  So we encourage you to connect directly with these groups.  Check out the information below to help you determine what ministry might be of interest to you in our continuing efforts to maintain CtK’s deep connection with these groups during such trying times.

Durango Food Bank:  www.durangoareafoodbank.org    970-375-2672

Habitat for Humanity:    www.habitatlaplata.org       970-382-2215

Manna:    www.mannasoupkitchen.org        970-385-5095

Volunteers of America:  www.voacolorado.org          970-259-1021

The Social Ministry Team will be working to identify some potential projects, ideas that we will share with everyone at our Sunday, September 13th “God’s Work. Our Hands”  outdoor worship.  So stay tuned for those ideas, and we welcome ideas you may have that will enable CtK’ers to be safely involved with activities that are both beneficial to our community and show God’s love!

Jigger Staby

Social Ministry