CtK’s Habitat Update

On May 4th, Habitat for Humanity broke ground on the 2020 build and reopened the Restore that is virtually open for business.  To shop there, please go to Habitat’s Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/HFHLPC/ and scroll down to Posts.  Click on the first entry, about the new virtual Restore, and follow the directions from there — it’s easy!

As for the build, Christ the King Lutheran’s date has-yet-to-be-determined.  Right now, Habitat is working on the infrastructure for the duplex and does not need groups.  They are developing a strategy for having volunteers work and hope to start with groups the beginning of June or July.  Keep in mind, like everything else these days, their plans are subject to change.  As soon as CtK has additional information, we will notify you.  So, stay tuned.

Everyone take care!

Rap Fairley

CtK Social Ministry Committee



Ouick Reminder about the Love Fund

Hello Everyone,

During these improbable times, the Social Ministry Committee wanted to remind you that Christ the King maintains a Love Fund to help parishioners who find themselves in temporary financial distress.  If you or someone you know in the church is having problems paying bills right now and has exhausted other avenues of help, contact Pastor Tim.  He will pass the information along to the Social Ministry Committee who will make the decision to grant Love Fund money.  The process is totally confidential — without identifying details.

One the other hand, if you are able, the Fund can always use donations to maintain itself.  Just send your check to CtK with “Love Fund” written in the memo line.  Your donation will be used as needed within your church family.

Thanks to all,

The Social Ministry Committee.