Christ the King’s “Love Fund”

 For many years, Christ the King has maintained a Love Fund.  Its purpose is to provide short-term monetary support to members, attendees, and staff in times of need.  This support comes as an expression of God’s love from the congregation and imposes no requirements on the recipient.

 Financial emergencies can take many forms—unexpected car repairs, unusual medical bills, temporary disability, or loss of work.  The fund has helped people in the past with rent and mortgage payments, legal fees, utility bills and more.  If you, or anyone you know in the congregation, is experiencing a financial emergency, bring it to Pastor Tim’s or Deacon Mandy’s attention.  The names and the identifiable circumstances are held in strictest confidence.  If they and the Social Ministry team find it appropriate and agree that there are no other reasonable options, the Love fund will try to help.

The flip side of this is, of course, that if you have been gifted by God in abundance, please consider donating to the Love Fund.  Just write “Love Fund” on the memo line of a check.  Lots of small contributions can go a long way.

We know there are members out there who are feeling the financial squeeze of COVID.  Talk to one of our ministers; let the Love Fund do what it was intended to do.