CtK’s Habitat Update — It’s a Date!

Yes!  Even under these trying conditions, the Habitat Build 2020 is up and running.  We are now organizing CtK volunteers to work at the Habitat Build on Friday, August 14th.  It will be at the usual place, Fox Farms in Bayfield.  At this time, work includes trimming, shelving, and painting.
Due to the pandemic, Habitat has instituted a number of new protocols for working on site.  The first being, if you have already had COVID and are recovered, Habitat asks you wait until their 2021 Build to participate.  If this does not apply to you, and you are interested, a copy of their protocols can be sent to you.  You can then decide if you would be comfortable working on the house.  Also note, this will be a week day, not our usual Saturday.  Another change, just for this year, CtK will NOT be providing lunch.  Everyone is asked to bring his/her own lunch.
Those wanting to volunteer please contact Rap Fairley either by phone, 410-474-3571, or email at deegogal@gmail.com.  She will send you a copy of Habitat’s Protocols, answer your questions, and sign you up if you would like to volunteer.  Note:  Sign up is limited to 7 people this year.
Take care,
Rap Fairley
CtK Social Ministry Committee