Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission (NELM) News

Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission (NELM) NewsIt’s back to school time, and the children in the school at Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission(NELM)in Rock Point, AZ are benefitting from a support project though CtK. Art Meyer and Judy Roy kindlyvolunteered to deliver 45 hygiene kitsto the NELM school a fewweeks ago. The kits included items such as atowel, tooth paste and brushes, shampoo, soap, a comb, etc. Many of the children come to school from a distance, and the kits are a huge benefit to help them meet basic needs and be fresh and ready for learning. Art andJudy also deliverednew clothing items for young children –items purchased with a $250 grant from Thrivent. Thankyou Art and Judyandto all who participated in this meaningful project for the children at NELM.

Post-card Greetings from Kip & Laura

The photo above was taken by Laura Stransky this Summer–it’s “Kip’s Summer Garden.” Kip & Laura wanted to share this picture with their CtK family to give honor and thanks to the wonderful blessings of our heavenly Father despite the challenges of the flood damage their home and property sustained earlier in the year. God is indeed good; even in the face of adversity!