Notice of Vacancy on the Mission Endowment Fund Board

Recently, John Stordahl, a member of the Mission Endowment Fund Board, moved to Utah.  His move has left a vacancy on the Board.  The Board is looking for candidates who could fill John’s last year on the Board; this person would serve until elections next May at our semi-annual meeting.

This position entails three or four meetings of one to two hours each with the rest of the Board in November, December and January.  The Board solicits and reviews applications for grants from the Mission Endowment Fund, and then chooses people and organizations to whom the grants are awarded.  It  is very rewarding to be part of this Board.  How satisfying to be able to give money to deserving applicants!  There is no fundraising or interviews with applicants involved in this process.

If you would like to learn more about the work the Board does please contact one of the Board members or Pastor Tim.  The Board now includes Wendy Gonzales, John Condie, Gary Rollstin and Lynn Mitzlaff.

Please consider applying to be a candidate or to nominate other congregation members to complete the vacancy. Submit a letter to the Mission Endowment Board, within the next two weeks, stating why you or the person you are nominating would like to be part of the Board with any other any other information you feel is relevant.  The Board will then submit names to the church Council which will appoint the person at the next council meeting.