Summer (through August) Worship Information

Sunday, 9:00 AM – INDOOR-IN-PERSON and LIVE STREAMED from the CtK Sanctuary.  Those who wish to join us for our IN-PERSON worship service in the Sanctuary must sign up in advance. You can do so by navigating to our sign-up hub on our website ( If you do not have access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone to sign up on your own, please notify Pastor Tim or the Church Office of your intent to be present.   At this time, we can accommodate up to 50 people in the Sanctuary.  Masks are not required if you are vaccinated; however, if you are not vaccinated, you are encouraged to wear a mask.  We continue to practice physical distancing between households for all households.

Sunday, 10:30 AM – IN-PERSON, OUTDOOR (front lawn/parking lot)

Sign-up is not required; however, if you choose to sit on the front lawn and HAVE NOT been vaccinated, masks are strongly encouraged; and physical distancing between households is required for everyone.

Wednesday “Behold!” 6:00PM – IN-PERSON—CtK Community Hall + Zoom

Click Here to zoom-in.  If you need the password, please contact Pastor Tim.

NOTE:  For the time being, we will NOT be having dinner during our Behold! worship service.

Thank you for your help in making in-person worship a safe experience for all.  If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Tim.

Mission Endowment Fund News

During the January meeting of CtK’s Mission Endowment Fund Board, we awarded a number of grants, including one to La Esperanza Granada.  This is an organization focused on improving the lives and education of impoverished children living in Granada, Nicaragua.

We recently received this email update from them and wanted to share it with you so you would know and see how your endowment fund donations can affect the world.

Thank you all from the CtK MEF Board.

This email is to thank once again for the donation we received last March but also to inform you that we have used the donation for what it was requested.

200 elementary school children received a visual exam. Of all the children examined, 76 children needed glasses and thanks to your donation each of these children received their glasses. I attach some photos.

Also, today a post was made through Facebook about it.

To see the post click here:

On behalf of the children and their families we thank you for this blessing received.


ROBERTO PICADO, Operations Manager


News You Can Use

CtK’s Post-pandemic Opening

As CtK begins to open post-pandemic, we are calling on everyone to prayerfully consider how you might use your time and talents to help propel CtK forward in this new hybrid in-person/techno-based way of doing church.  We have the technology.  Now, we need YOU! Currently, we are seeking to fill ALL categories of worship volunteers:  Altar Guild Assistants; Worship Assistants – ushers, readers, communion assistants, soundboard/camera operators, presentation computer operators (“clicking” slides/power points that are displayed on the screen during worship), and lastly, a NEW and exciting kind of volunteer position — an online church host.  This person would be basically acting as a “virtual greeter/online chat person” for worship services.  If you feel you might be interested in any of these volunteer positions and/or if you have any questions, please give Pastor Tim a call (970-247-5310) or touch base with him between Sunday services. Training will be provided for all volunteers. Thanks for your consideration.  There will also be an opportunity to sign up for any and all of our volunteers spots during CtK’s Rally Day — “God’s Work. Our Hands.” to be held on Sunday, September 12th.  Stay tuned for further details.

* * * * *

Chancel Choir is once again filling the Sanctuary with their melodious voices.  Please contact Jared Wright, Choir/Music Director if you would like to sing.  Jared can be reached at 970-759-1834 or email—all are welcome!

The Ctk Garden

The new CtK Garden is producing.  Potatoes and onions from our garden have gone home with congregants, and more is growing in our garden right now!!  The soil around CtK is not particularly suitable for tilling and growing, but with our hands and our work, God is producing.  So, congratulations to all the volunteers who put their hands to the shovels and plows to make this garden a reality.   They are truly an example of “God’s Work. Our Hands.”

It is our hope that this garden project will continue to expand.  Your ideas and energy would be most welcome. Please contact Carla Gonneville or Kayla Hefner to share your ideas and plans, AND to volunteer!  

Thank you–CtK’s Membership Team.

Rally Day Is Coming. . . ,

Sunday, September 12th — get ready to learn all about the operations of CtK and the committees and the people who make the wheels run.  There will be displays and sign-up sheets for the various volunteer positions available to you to help CtK “re-open.”  Prayerfully consider how you might take a more active roll in your/our church to get it rolling again.  So much energy is put forth by CtK’s “M Teams” to make the activities of our church happen–energy that needs to come from you and me too to make our church strong again.  So please join and help us push forward to our “new normal.”  I’ll be looking for you!

Beverly Dittmer

CtK Council Member & Membership Team Liason


Save the Dates–August

CtK’s Noisy Offering designee for the month

of August is Habitat for Humanity.

Sunday, August 8th & 15th – CtK Quilters’ Fall Quilt Sale in the CtK Community Hall. The quilts will be displayed in the CtK Community Hall for your shopping convenience between  8:30am—11:30am on both dates.

Sunday, August 13th — 14th  CtK Youth “Lock-In.”  5:00 pm Saturday the 13th through 11:00am Sunday the 14th.

Looking Ahead

Sunday, September 12th –  CtK’s Rally Day –“God’s Work. Our Hands” Sunday.  Stay tuned. . .

Saturday, November 6th – CtK’s Annual Art Gallery & Gala.  The theme is “The Parables.”

For all events and activities, please check the CtK website for the most current updates.