CtK Piecemaker Quilters

We are stuffing stockings again this year! We had such a wonderful event last year and we hope you’ll join us again.

Ideally, we would like to have all items in by Sunday, December 3rd. There will be a box by chapel doors for items to be collected from 11/19 – 12/10.

Here’s what we NEED:

General items:

  • Pencil/crayon sharpeners
  • 8 packs of crayons (so we don’t need to repackage them)
  • Small coloring books (soft cover, adults and children)
  • Playing Cards for kids and adults (poker and/or games [Uno, Go Fish, etc])
  • Jump ropes
  • Play doh® minis
  • Nylon drawstring backpacks
  • Rulers (6′ or 12′)
  • Plain pads of paper multi color 4×6
  • Post it notes pads
  • Combs/brushes/picks/barrettes
  • 3″ balls

Infant stuff:

  • pacifiers
  • spoons
  • baby sippy cups
  • tub toys/books
  • rattles
  • baby wash travel size
  • booties/socks
  • caps/hats
  • mittens


  • books (soft back)
  • books for learning numbers/letters
  • socks
  • T-shirts
  • underwear
  • mittens/hats
Thank You for your help!!

If you would like to quilt, but don’t know how, join us and we will teach you. For other questions, you can contact Judy Olson at (651)303-8450 or judy_olson@yahoo.com.


CtK Book Club

Our book club is currently meeting via Zoom on the second Thursday of the month at 3:00 P.M. This month we are reading “Horse” by Geraldine Brooks.

In the following months, we will be reading:

December    *Christmas Lunch*


January         Hello Beautiful by Ann Napilatano

February       Mad Honey by Jodi Piccoult

If you have any questions, contact Judy Olson at (651-303-8450) or judy_olson@yahoo.com.