A Most Festive Day at CtK!

Join us on December 18th for our annual Live Nativity!

Bring your dogs and yourselves (let Deacon Mandy know) and play a part in the telling of the Nativity Story.

Service will be outside on the front lawn. You can come at the regular 9:30am worship time to watch, or arrive no later than 9am to get into costume. There’s nothing to memorize, just fun to be had and the greatest story to be told.

Then stick around for Holiday Hoopla, our annual “gingerbread” “house” making “contest”. You don’t use gingerbread, you don’t have to make a house, and you only have an hour to put something together. It is wild fun for all! It’ll start at about 10:45 or so on the 18th.

See you there!