Another school year has begun!

Sadly, that means we had to say goodbye – for now – to one of our Gathering-bound Youth. Garrett is off to school in Massachusetts! But don’t worry, he’ll be back on breaks, for the summer, AND for the Gathering. 

Youth Group has moved its weekly meetings to Wednesdays from 6pm-8pm. We attend – and participate in – the regular Behold! worship service and we’d sure like to see all of you CtKers there, too. Don’t worry, you can leave after worship if you don’t want to join us for games and fun until 8pm. CtK’s mascot cat, Ronald, joined us last night for a game of “Keep it Up”, where we count to see how many hits we can make as a team to keep a ball in the air. Ronald used his head, but the ball went wild (and so did Ronald). Our highest count was 11, aided by a nice catch from a bush.

We hope to see you at Behold! next Wednesday at 6pm – in person (mask up please) or online.