Those who know me well – and those who happen to stop by the church office when the weather is warm – know that my preferred footwear is none at all. It’s not that I dislike shoes; but my feet feel so much happier when they can wiggle and waggle freely, without the confines of laces and fabric and rubber.

There’s a lot to be said for going barefoot in the warmer weather. It brings to mind one of my favorite stories: that of Moses and the burning bush, when the LORD speaks to Moses and tells him to remove his sandals for the place where he is standing is holy ground. I love that idea – that the very ground we walk upon is holy simply because of the LORD’s presence. And while I’ve never thought about it as such, it is fairly accurate to say that when I’m barefoot, I pay a lot more attention to the ground than I do when I am fully shod.

I notice the scratchiness of carpet more. I notice the slightest hint of dew on cold morning grass. I notice the squishiness of the asphalt that was used to fill the cracks in our parking lot. I notice the speed at which the sun makes my feet burn. And I definitely notice the smallest of pebbles or pine needles. Some of these things may come across as nuisances, but all of them do – in fact – serve to make me stop and realize the gift of where I am in that moment. I am forced to stop and recognize the holiness of that particular spot, pebbles and all.

This year, the warm weather has yet to come; but you can be sure, when it does, that your pastor will once again relish in the joy of bare feet! I hope you’ll take some time to enjoy the holiness of this season, as well.


Pastor Tim