Christ the King Lutheran Church has officially been a partner in ministry with the Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission and its congregation – the House of Prayer – for three years now. During that time, we have had several people who have visited and worked at the Mission; we have contributed to the Mission financially; and held them in prayer, as they do for us. NELM and its Executive Director, the Rev. Kate Adelman, have sent along a note of thanks for the many ways that we continue to support their ministries. NELM has undergone a series of changes over the past few months. Their Mission Director – the person who organized and planned trips for church groups visiting the Mission – died tragically in December 2018. For the following few months, the Mission staff tried their best to pick up the pieces that inevitably fell in her absence. Finally, in mid-August, a new Mission Director was hired. Patterson Yazzie has been working hard to figure out the lay of the land in this new position, as well as working to hire and train new staff to get the Mission back on track. Unfortunately, in the midst of this chaotic transition, the Mission has suffered in more ways than one. Pastor Kate sent me an email just last week, and said, “The Mission of today is not your Mama’s Mission! While history has not been kind to the Navajo folks, we are focused on opportunities and solutions that shape the future. We are beginning to see some healing and hope emerge in the eyes of the people. God indeed does more than we can ask or imagine. Amid all the good news…2019 finances have been dismal. At this juncture, I am uncertain if we will make payroll due a week from today. If you have any extra funds designated for the Mission, now would be the time to send it!” The good news was that we had $250 designated for the Mission for 2019 that we had not yet sent. The bad news is that our $250 combined with the gifts of other partners will sustain them for only a short time. I know that finances are getting tight all around, but Scripture (and Pastor Kate!) reminds us that God can do abundantly more than all we can ask or imagine. So, on October 13th, we will have a Special Offering for NELM, as a way to support our friends and partners in Rock Point, Arizona. If you are able to help, I’m sure they would appreciate it; if finances are too tight for you to give more than you already are, then please support them with your prayers. Those prayers can transform and energize ministry, too! (Incidentally, October 13th is also the day of our next Sunday Celebration focused on the theme of Generosity! How appropriate! Plan to be a part of that celebration, too, from 9:30-10:15am on Sunday, October 13th!) If you have any questions or concerns about NELM, its ministry, or this special offering, please let me know! Peace, Pastor Tim