For the past several years, we at CtK have supported the Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission in Rock Point, AZ, for their annual Christmas Quilt Giveaway. This event draws people from all over the regional chapter of NELM to get quilts to sustain them through the long, dark, cold winter months.

This year, we will continue our support of the mission for this event. If you have any quilts or blankets that can be donated for their annual event, then please bring them. But we are also looking to collect ADDITIONAL items of great importance for them: first aid kits.

The Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission is located about 50 miles from the nearest health clinic in Chinle, AZ. If a medical emergency arises, even waiting for EMS personnel can take close to an hour. So, having some first aid items on hand for the community can be a vital ministry.

We will be collecting any first aid items or kits at the church in the Welcome Center until Sunday, December 8th. I will be delivering any quilts and/or first aid items later that week. If you have any questions, or would like to know more about what kind of items might be needed, contact the church office or see the list printed in the Welcome Center.

Thanks for your support of these, our ministry partners!

Pastor Tim