Forty-eight Days and [Still] Counting”

 It’s Day 48 today… 48 days since the Bible study that was held on March 12 – the last Bible study I led in person and the last time I was physically in a room with a group of people.

48 days.

Life is different after 48 days under Stay-at-Home Orders, that’s for sure. Whereas 48 days ago, news and life seemed to change daily, if not hourly, my world today is on a pretty well-scheduled routine. But I still find myself grieving the way of life that I lived just 49 days ago. I miss being with people. I miss not second-guessing my interactions with people around town. I miss restaurants and playgrounds and racquetball (wow, I miss racquetball!) and meetings over coffee. And I miss worshipping in our Sanctuary. I miss preaching to people in person, and not to one, lone green camera eye. I miss shaking your hands after worship. And I miss gathering with you all around the Communion rail to receive that tangible sign of God’s grace and mercy towards us.

Unfortunately, it seems that many of these things will have to wait even longer before we can enjoy them in person again. At least, many of these things will have to wait before we can enjoy them the way we used to. It is becoming more and more apparent that – even as restrictions are eased – life as we knew it 49 days ago won’t be back anytime very soon. Recommendations and restrictions affecting the size of groups that can meet together will likely increase incrementally and slowly, which means in-person worship gatherings like we used to know will not happen for some time still.

For now, based on Colorado’s “Safer-at-Home” Order, San Juan Basin Health Orders, and the recommendations of the Rocky Mountain Synod Bishop, Communal Worship Services and Meetings at Christ the King Lutheran Church will continue to be suspended through the month of May 2020.

Worship via Zoom will continue. Committee meetings, Bible studies, and informal meetings will continue via Zoom. You can find links for these gatherings on our website at

One notable change, however, as the Stay-at-Home order is eased so is the ability for Holy Communion to be celebrated. (Yay!) You should be able to access a sign-up page from our website ( that will enable you to choose a time slot to come to CtK’s campus to receive this Sacrament beginning May 10, 2020. Up to six people can sign up for any particular 15-minute time slot, which will give time for prayer requests and distribution of communion in a safe way. Please refer to the sign-up instructions for more specific guidelines and rules for celebrating this Sacrament in as safe a way as possible.

Thank you all for your continued support as we navigate this whole new world together. I’m happy to be on this journey together with you.


Pastor Tim