“Summertime 2020—Stay Connected Online!

Summertime at CtK has always brought about a different tempo. Whereas the academic year (September thru May) is usually full of meetings and events, summer normally sees only a few big events as people are away traveling, or hiking, or fishing, or gardening, or…

This year, things will be a little different, I think. There may indeed be some travel that people are able to do, but for the most part I imagine many people will stick around home. Lots of typical vacation destinations are still closed or only partially open, anyway. So, let me assure you that as you begin your summertime plans that – whether you are at home or venturing away for the first time in months – that CtK and its ministries will be continuing. Online worship services will continue. Online Bible studies and fellowship groups will continue. Online M-Team meetings will continue. And these are things you can access from anywhere, so long as you have WiFi or cell phone reception and a data plan.

Please also be assured that the CtK staff, Council and I are addressing what the future of in-person events and meetings might look like at CtK. The date for those in-person events is still unknown, but in the meantime there are many things that we will need to change or adapt regarding our physical space to keep people as safe as possible. I will keep you all posted as more information becomes available about the resumption of in-person events.

I appreciate all of your flexibility, patience, humor, and grace during these months. I’m grateful to have such a wonderful congregation to accompany me through these wildly extraordinary times.


Pastor Tim