Note: Pastor Tim will be on Renewal Leave from June 6 – September 19, 2022.

We are now a few weeks into a new sermon series called “God WithIN Us” – a series about spirituality. If nothing else, I hope that you have heard that spirituality – those specific practices and methods that we use to relate to and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ – can look different from person to person, and from one time to another. My own spirituality has most often been expressed by a Type 1 kind of life and practice. I find that writing, reading, and Bible study discussions help me to grow in Christ. But sometimes I can get stuck there. That’s the danger, I suppose, of over-identifying with one Type over another.

That’s why, for each Type in this system, there is a different Type that offers spiritual practices that complement and enhance the practices already in place. For Type 1s, the complementary practices can be found in Type 3s – the Mystic. Type 3s find spiritual growth in prayer – contemplative prayer – and are generally comfortable with mystery and paradox. They value and find strength in connecting to a God who is beyond-knowing. They know the importance of self-reflection, and the resilience that comes from tending to the inner life.

During my Renewal Leave, my schedule will be less structured, to be sure; but I do plan on prioritizing time for these kinds of spiritual practices. Spending time in intentional, prayer, solitude has always been a source of strength and spiritual growth for me. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time. And for me – a parent who works just as much as his partner, and who is finding that parenting increasingly means shuttling kids from one place to another many times a day – time is something of a precious commodity in my life. I know of some people who wake up extra early so that they can do these kinds of spiritual practices on a regular basis, but I either don’t have the motivation or the alertness to keep that kind of schedule up. So, here is a perfect opportunity. One major component of my time is being removed, which leaves me a large amount of time to put into practice these kinds of spiritual exercises that feed me and make me feel more connected to God and my neighbor. I’m looking forward to it.

If you want to know more about these Spiritual Types, stay tuned to our current sermon series. And if you’d like to know more specifically about this Spirituality System that I’m describing in this series, you can learn more from the book entitled “Discover Your Spiritual Type” by Corinne Ware.


Pastor Tim