“Planning for Renewal”

I can hardly believe I’m about to write these words, but here it goes: I have been planning ahead a lot lately. And… I actually have enjoyed it! Part of the motivation for this has been my upcoming time of Renewal Leave, which – although it is more than a year away – needs to be thought about and prepared for now. But between sessions of long-range planning, I’ve also been engaged in meetings about potential renters for CtK’s Garden Level Suites (how’s that for a fancy name?); working with Facilities Team members on items on their To-Do list; interviewing and hiring new staff members (be sure to say hi to Jenna Hutt, Director of Joyful Noise, and Jared Wright, Choir Director); arranging times for visits from directors of our various partner ministries; planning Bible studies; and conducting pastoral counseling meetings with various members and visitors. It’s been a whirlwind, that’s for sure, but I’m actually enjoying it.

All of that is a long introduction to say: things are really going to take off beginning in the month of February. Here are just a few of the highlights…

February 2nd – We will celebrate “Candlemas” at both worship services this day. More accurately, this day is known as “Presentation of Our Lord,” and it occurs 40 days after Christmas. The name “Candlemas” was a later moniker for the day because traditionally it was the day that all the candles that would be used for the year in the church would be blessed. It provides a fun, visible reminder of the light of Christ, who shines brightly for all to see. (This is also Super Bowl Sunday, and we will once again hold our Super Bowl Party – with appetizer contest – at CtK in the evening!)

February 9th – We will be welcoming James Horan, the Executive Director of Lutheran Family Services – Rocky Mountains, to CtK. He will join us for both worship services, and – after both worship services – he will lead a session about the many ministries and services that LFS provides.

February 16th – The Renewal Leave Team invites you to another session to learn about and have discussion about my upcoming time of Renewal Leave (happening June – August, 2021). We need the input and support of CtK’ers as we write a grant that can provide funds for CtK and for me during this time of renewal.

February 26th – Lent begins with an Ash Wednesday worship service at CtK beginning at 6:00pm.

March 1st – (Okay… this isn’t technically February, but it needs to be promoted now.) Dr. Seuss Sunday!!! One of my favorite traditions of the year. Invite your friends and family to join you at CtK this day for a faith-filled, fun time of worship in Seussian rhyme!

I hope that you’ll be able to join me for one or all of these events in the coming month.


Pastor Tim