“Get Ready to “Huddle”

My friend Bryan Jaster and I have been meeting almost weekly for a Bible / Book study since 2003. Together we’ve read and drilled deep on almost every book of the Bible, and we’ve studied and wrestled with some wonderful books that have challenged, engaged, and uplifted our faith. Years ago, we read a book together called “Building a Discipleship Culture” by Mike Breen. I’ve mentioned this book a few times in past Scribe articles because it had that much of an impact on me. I loved the new language and symbols that the author used to make faith more engaging in everyday life. I highly recommend it.

This book was special for another reason, too: it led me to participate in what the author called a Huddle. Huddles, he said, are small groups of people who meet regularly (usually weekly) for mutual support and encouragement and sometimes challenge in our discipleship journeys. This is done primarily by taking turns sharing with one another what caught our attention in the last week, what God might be saying to us through it, and to come up with a plan for how to respond faithfully. This work has led me to be much more attentive to the voice of God, to the leading of the Spirit, and to the grace found in Jesus than I have ever been before.

Therefore, for the past several years, I have taken part in several of these Huddles through the wonder of Zoom. I have been in Huddles with Pastors, Bishop’s Assistants, Youth Directors, and laypeople from all over the country who have helped me along my journey of growing into a more faithful, faith-filled disciple of Jesus; and I hope that I have helped and encouraged them along theirs, too.

During my Renewal Leave, I plan to participate in two Huddles – one at the beginning of my Leave, and the other as my Leave is about to end. I hope that doing so will help me to understand my experiences as more than just fun and relaxing, but also as intentional time to tend to my spiritual roots.

If you’d like more information about Huddles, or how you might find or participate in one, please let me know. I’d be happy to help you in that process.


Pastor Tim