“On the Horizon”

In normal times, August is a pretty quiet month. It is a month for planning the upcoming (academic) year for the congregation. A month for scheduling lunches with community leaders and organizations. A month for taking a deep breath before September arrives with its barrage of activity.

In COVID times, August is… well, it’s just different. There’s still a lot of planning to do, but we still live in a world where the ground is constantly shifting under our feet; so, any plans that we make have to be held somewhat lightly. Lunches with community leaders are being replaced by Zoom meetings. And taking a deep breath is replaced by holding my breath as the kids head back to school, wondering what in the world that is going to mean for health and safety in our household.

These are strange times.

So, first, please know that I’m praying – praying for you (individually, each day!), praying for the needs of the world, praying for CtK and our local community, praying for teachers and parents and kids as they navigate life in this COVID era.

Second, please know that CtK is here if you find yourself in a place of need. If you or your family find yourself in financial need, or in need of food, or in need of pastoral counseling, or in need of someone to help you run errands, or simply in need of a listening ear, please let me know. CtK has people and resources that are ready to help you. But we won’t know of your need if you don’t let us know. If you find yourself in that situation, please call or email me.

Third, let me encourage you to look forward to just a few of the events that are coming in the months ahead.

  • August 9 – Outdoor, In-Person Worship at CtK at 9:15am
  • August 23 – ZOOM Worship at 9:15am, including special focus and prayer for Parents, Teachers and Students as School Resumes
  • September 13 – Outdoor, In-Person Worship at CtK (starting at 9:15am) celebrating God’s Work. Our Hands Sunday.
  • End of September / Beginning of October – Mission Partners ZOOM Fundraiser Event (stay tuned for specific date, time and information on this event to support NELM and our partners in Guatemala)
  • November 7 – Art Gallery & Gala based on the Book of Daniel
  • Fall 2020 – Enneagram Workshop (stay tuned for specific date, time and information on this event led by Pastor Tim based on this incredible tool for personal, spiritual and relational growth)

These and several other events are taking shape that are aimed at helping our community stay connected and spiritually nourished in the months ahead. And, I don’t know about you, but having plans like these to look forward to gives me hope!

Peace be with all of you.

Pastor Tim