What You’re Missing in Bible Study

You know that Pastor Tim teaches a weekly Bible Study on Thursdays at noon, right? Then you also know that you can join from anywhere via Zoom (the usual password – call the church office if you need it). It’s right at your lunch break! You could even invite your boss and co-workers.

What you might not know about is all the cool stuff you’re missing out on when you’re not in attendance! Oh sure, deep dives into the bible, our Lutheran roots, the fellowship of learning and being together… but also – you’re missing out on learning about the Cat Piano. And that is surely a shame!

The Cat Piano or Organ was invented hypothetically by Athanasius Kircher in his 1650 work “Musurgia Universalis”.

And it is NOT Church Cat Ronald approved. 

Wikipedia says: A cat organ or cat piano is a hypothetical musical instrument which consists of a line of cats fixed in place with their tails stretched out underneath a keyboard so that they cry out when a key is pressed. The cats would be arranged according to the natural tone of their voices.

Pretty ridiculous, right?

Wonder what a Cat Piano has to do with Bible study?

Well then, join us on Thursdays and uncover more wonders – Godly, ridiculous, and otherwise – with your CtK family.