Join with your CtK Family of Faith for this year’s Congregational Lenten Project.

As a Congregation, this Lent we’re working together to create a drive-through Good Friday Worship service.

Each week we’ll consider a phrase from the Solemn Reproaches and respond to them in a visual ways. This could be pictures you take and email. It could be drawn or painted on canvas, napkin, or some other medium. It could be sculpture. It could be something you build.

It cannot be audio or video, or anything that could get damaged outside for 4 hours.

Submissions are due each Tuesday; click to view the phrases and submit.

CtK staff will put all of each week’s submissions together as a “station” that the whole congregation will have the opportunity to visit – in their cars (or online) with provided audio – on Good Friday, April 2, 2021.

Below you will find phrases for each week. Think on them. Feel them. Have a knee-jerk reaction or do further research, but either way, create as the Spirit leads. Biblical citations are included (simply click on the phrase), but they are by no means comprehensive.

Try not to “work ahead”, just take each week as it comes, prayerfully and thoughtfully.