Day Camp is All About Grace!

Day Camp 2023 is once again the 2nd full week of July — July 10-13 to be exact — and we need your generosity once again!

The Wal-Mart registry is ready for your perusal and purchase power.

Rainbow Trail Counselors need to be fed and cared for.

Campers can register here – invite every potty-trained kid you know!

Find more information (dates, times, ages, etc.) here.

Here’s what Rainbow Trail has in store for us:

“This summer, we will be looking at the radical and unwavering way that God loves us. We’ll explore Grace—the unearned, undeserved, unwavering and unconditional love that God has for us.

As people, and especially as American people, we are taught that hard work brings results; that we are expected to go out and earn a living; that we take risks and sometimes they pay off, sometimes they don’t. We learn that we are rewarded in life depending upon what WE DO. And that is the way it works among us humans. To approach our days otherwise would often be careless and in all likelihood, irresponsible. But in looking at God’s love for us, it’s not about what WE DO. It is about what God has already DONE. It is about being considered worthy enough by our creator to be loved, no matter what. It has been said that there is nothing we can DO to make God love us more that God already does. And there is nothing we can DO that will make God love us any less. God loves us. Period. That’s grace.

From a paycheck perspective, that doesn’t make sense. From a legal perspective, it makes no sense. Honestly, from a HUMAN perspective, it just doesn’t add up. We are loved, no matter what? Really? Yes, really. We will learn together about this grace—this unconditional love—that passes all understanding. This grace, that is a free gift from our creator. This grace, that is already ours. May God bless you as you guide the children and as you explore together this world of unlimited love given to us by our God. This world of grace.”