Well, my beloved church family, my brain is in a whirl.

Some may say it’s because Snowdown and the Follies are in full force.

It’s a good guess, but that’s actually not what’s got my brain buzzing.

It’s Lent.

It’s fast approaching, with Ash Wednesday on February 22nd.

And I am on a mission to make this Lent even more personally meaningful.

I want to be READY for Lent.

How about you? Want to journey with me?

This year’s theme is Repent. Pray. Give.

So here’s what I’m thinking of doing.

1. Repent. I’m going to repent of…something. Not sure quite what yet. But I’m going to rid myself of something that isn’t helping me be close to God.

2. Pray. Then I’m going to pray about what I can fill that void with. It’s gotta be something that brings me closer to God.

3. Give. Then I’m going to do the new thing. And if that thing’s a type of giving, great! If it’s not, I’ll use the energy I’ll receive from being that much closer to God to give in some other way.

See how these three things are tied up with one another? My hope is that I’ll finally get it through my thick skull that this cycle of Repent, Pray, Give is necessarily repeatable, and not just at Lent.

Dearest Jesus, let it be so!

(If you’re interested, I made a Lenten Calendar. Check it out on the Youth Newsletter page.)