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And now a ♪ from CtK’s Music Director

The Tune of Your Heart

The source of all life resonates from our Creator and Heavenly Father pulsating in the tunefully beautiful beating of our hearts. When our hearts are in perfect tune, the heart beats on anonymously pulsating in the perfection of rhythm created by the Good Lord.
What about our Spiritual Hearts? Have you thought about that? Read Psalm 150 which reminds us to “Let All Things Praise the Lord.” Combine Psalm 150 with The Lord’s Prayer and perhaps the “Tune of Your Heart” will resound with perfect tuning.
The Chancel Choir, the Praise Band, Soloists, Instrumentalists and the largest CHOIR AT Christ the King—YOU, THE CONGREGATION, through worship tunes praising GOD (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) combine to effectively keep our hearts in tune with the Word of God in the name of Jesus Christ!


Patty Mack
Music Director