Day Camp 2019: I AM, we are

What a wonderful week! CtK hosted a whopping 48 campers this year, and it was the youngest average age we’ve ever had. It wouldn’t have happened without your donations of time, talent, and treasure.

To those who donated money, thank you!  We didn’t think 48 kids were coming until literally the last moment – we only had 24 at the “suggested” registration deadline. Your donations ensured that we didn’t have to turn any child away.

Many thanks also to:

Those who donated snacks and supplies: Catherine Hawk, Louise Clark, Sue Johnson and Nonette Savillle.

Those who helped at the Thursday Camper Family BBQ: Charlie Hakes, Kristyn Winn, Paul Pane,  Sara McVaugh, Pam Rypkema, and John T (John I don’t know your last name!)

Those who took care of our Rainbow Trail Counselors: Ann Duft, Jigger Staby, Barbara Hawxhurst, Louise Clark, Wanda Ellison & John Condie, Marilyn & Rich Nagler, and Carol & Gary Orlowski.

Those CtK staffers who helped with everything: Beth Stelz, Linda White, and Pastor Tim.

Those who helped every day with the campers (specialist of thanks): Eryn Orlowski, Ellie Casias, Maggie Gardner, Lauren Harwood, Joy Keen, Emily McVaugh, Matt Pane, and Embrey Saville.

Here’s to Day Camp 2020. We’re hoping the theme will be about vision; “Be Thou My Vision” or something…20/20, perfect vision… get it? Maybe we’ll get a petition together.