Faith Formation at Home


Use this gift of time to grow your relationship with God.


CtK Kids!
Weekly videos for elementary aged kids… and everyone else. Email Mandy if you have a child you’d like to receive personalized weekly videos!

Directed Prayer

Prayer Map

Use Google Earth to virtually visit places around the world, and say a prayer for the area and its inhabitants.

Hand Prayer

You are inscribed on the palm of God’s hand (Isaiah 49:16)… use your hands to help you talk to God.

Pandemic Prayer Project

Watch this video to send CtK your prayers and see how they’re transformed when we finally gather in-person together again.

Pray with a Full Deck

The story can be traced back to at least 1788, and with each war or incursion there’s another iteration. Whatever the origination, it’s a lovely way to pray. Get out a deck of cards and “pray along” with the unknown soldier, using this most recent version of the story as a guide.

Prayer Labyrinth

Head over to The Labyrinth Society and walk their Virtual Labyrinth or download a finger labyrinth. Guideposts Online Magazine offers four ways to pray in a labyrinth.


Youth Lenten Devotional 2021

Designed and written with Youth and Kids in mind, people of any age will enjoy adding this devotional to their Lenten experience. From Bethlehem Lutheran in MN, it’s Game On!

Bake with a Purpose

Do some international baking with these recipes from Heritage Camps. For Easter, make these meaningful Resurrection Cookies and live into the awe of the first Easter.

Go on Virtual Tours

Virtually explore museums, zoos, and theme parks in this collection from Good Housekeeping, or take a virtual road trip across the USA (thanks for the idea, Maddie!).

Make a Collage

Have fun with this collage project from Heritage Camps.

Neighborhood Messages

Get out your chalk and write a message of encouragement and togetherness on your sidewalk or driveway so people can see it as they walk or drive by. Click here for Biblical suggestions. If you can, it would be fun (and appreciated) if you wrote “thank you” to your package/postal delivery and waste management people, too. Don’t have chalk? Make a poster and hang it in a window that faces the street.

Get Inspired

A Gift From the Heart

Click here to Download CtK’s Devotional Book for the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Binge God

If you feel like binge-watching something, why not make it upliftling? “The Story of God with Morgan Freeman” is one such show. A wide range of topics are presented cross-culturally, with no judgement, just an earnest desire to understand. There are many platforms on which to watch, including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. View the original trailer here.

Enter the Bible

Check out this site from Luther Seminary to learn more about any book of the Bible. Perhaps use it to delve more deeply into the book of Daniel to get ideas for the Art Gala in November. Use the drop-down menu in the red section in the middle to navigate to any book about which you want to learn more.

Browse Christian Art
Prep for the Art Gala
We hope that we can have CtK’s 6th Annual Art Gala IN PERSON in November 2021… but in person or online, IT’S HAPPENING! The theme is PARABLES… start your reading, research, and/or meditation now, or be caught out like one of the 5 foolish virgins.
Music from Aurora

Listen to songs from CtK’s Aurora Rose on her YouTube Channel, Sowing Seeds of Peace.

Have an idea? Share it with us!