May 23rd was a big day. Thank you ALL for your continued love and support – and the beautiful green stole! I’m so excited I get to wear it all summer!

I look forward to continuing to serve with you at CtK. 

You’ve probably seen the “official” pics on social media, but here are some candids, provided by Jigger Staby, who was not only my mentor through my project during candidacy, but is an awesome stealth photographer.


And remember…Save the Date!

Day Camp needs YOU!

Day Camp gets to be in-person this year! Hooray! But with lots of changes. Hooray?
Yes! Hooray!
Without these changes and precautions, we couldn’t have Day Camp at all, so I’m very grateful. And once again, we need your help.
Go to and scroll to the Help Support Day Camp section to find out all the ways we NEED your HELP. Some ways are the same, some are different, some are previously unheard of! But we need to accomplish them all, together, to bring Christ’s love to the Day Campers in La Plata County.
Thank you in advance!
If you have additional questions, email Deacon Mandy.