We hope to have the opportunity to meet you in person at any of our three weekly worship services.



What is worship like at Christ the King?

Sundays at 8:00am

This Contemporary worship service combines the new and the old in a way that honors God through lively music, engaging sermons, and a casual atmosphere. The music is led by Joyful Noise, using songs both new and ancient to accompany the liturgical texts for the day. Although the atmosphere feels quite intimate, this worship service is sprinkled with a few traditional liturgical elements which help to connect us to the larger church. Holy Communion is celebrated every week.

Please join us after the service in the Welcome Center for coffee and snacks, and then stick around for Sunday School for all ages which begins at 9:15am every week.

Sundays at 10:30am

Our Traditional service brings the ancient form of liturgy into our modern-day experience. Within this worship service, we hear and are transformed by words of grace and mercy; we boldly speak heartfelt prayers that give voice to our own unspoken requests; and we sing timeless hymns that connect us with the saints of all times and places. Our liturgy and music are accompanied by our musicians, Patty Mack and  Laura Stransky. Worship is highlighted often by special music presented by our Chancel Choir or special musical guests. Holy Communion is celebrated every week.

Nursery care is available during this service after Children’s Time with Pastor (about 10:45am).

Please join us after the service in the Welcome Center for coffee and snacks.

Wednesdays at 5:26pm

What happens every Wednesday at 5:26pm at CtK? Come and see: Worship is meant to be experienced. Join us for Behold! – a completely different kind of worship experience. We gather every week for dinner together beginning at 5pm (just bring your appetite; dinner is served until 6:15pm). An interactive, family-friendly worship service begins promptly around our dinner tables at 5:26pm. Holy Communion is celebrated every week. Come, experience worship like you’ve never experienced it before!


ALL are welcome at the Lord’s Table…and we mean it!CTK Altar ready for worship

All people – young, old, member, non-member, however you identify yourself – are welcome to join in communion, trusting that Christ promises to be truly present. We provide a common cup (containing red wine) or individual cups (containing red wine or white grape juice).  Whole wheat communion bread is served, and gluten free communion bread is available if desired.

You are invited to join us for a service this weekend!



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