Lenten ELCA World Hunger Focus

Christ the King will again focus some of our energy during Lent on the work of the ELCA to help fight World Hunger.

Our goal during Lent this year is to collect $6,000 to help feed the over 811 million undernourished people in the world.

To help us meet this goal, we will be handing out coin boxes, with a Piggy Bank theme, to be used during the 40 days of Lent. If you fill it up just add it to the Noisy Offering can.  We will make sure to have extras available so you can continue to help meet our goal.  Banks are now available in the church office.

People around the world are suffering from Covid, inflation, climate change, droughts, flooding, inflation, war and so much more.  As brothers and sisters in Christ we have heard the call to serve and support those whose basic needs are not met—whether locally, in our country or throughout the world.

Please join us for this time of reflection, prayer and praise as we journey toward the blessings of Easter and God’s fulfilled promises.

We are happy to share with you a letter from our partner congregation ILA San Juan Bautista in Zaculeu, La Libertad:


November, 2022

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ from Nuestro Salvador Stillwater Cristo Rey in Minnesota, we send greetings, wishing you success in your daily work.

  1. We wish that peace remains with each one of your families and homes, and that God fullfiles you with blessings, knowing that we all have you present in our prayers.
  2. We thank ILAG for the support that they have provided to our congregation, especially Pastor Karen and the pastoral team, as well we want to thank you, our brothers and sisters in Christ, for the support you have given us in order for our activities to continue here in Guatemala.
  3. We would like to share that after struggling with some health issues, Pedro Angel Martin Chamán Choc past away two months after his surgeries, his parents and us as members of the church thank everyone who stood by this family despite de grieve and absence of Angelito, his parents remain strong in faith with Jesus Christ.
  4. Brothers and sisters in Christ, thank you for the economic support that you have provided us regarding the electric power project, according to Pastor Karen’s report, funds are available from you and all of us here in the community are very thankful, we would like to let you know that from now on we are going to start coordinating this project in DEORSA or ENERGUATE (this are the electricity companies) in Santa Elena Petén.
  5. Our hopes are that by the end of this year this project has concluded.
  6. The citric plants that we planted have been growing little by little, because the red

    ants have been slowing the growing process.

  7. We have been experiencing a critical moment, because of the rain and in the region

    there has been a lack of corn and the basic grains are expensive.

  8. We are very thankful with all of you, may God bless you and we will be waiting for

    your next visit if God allows it. Here in the community we haven’t had deaths by COVID-19, God has protected us.

The members of Iglesia Luterana Agustina San Juan Bautista. La libertad, Petén.