Olive Oil Project Update

Thanks to all of you who ordered olive oil.  We ordered 46 bottles of oil!  It has now arrived.  God willing, we will be able to distribute it eventually.  The good news, there is no shipping or handling since we had such a big order. So the prices will be based solely on the cost per bottle.  $11.99 for the small Jenin, $21.99 for the large Jenin, and $24.99 for the bottles of Rumi and Nabali.

Thanks for all your support!

I hope you are all coping with this unexpected isolation.

John Condie

CtK Social Ministry Committee

CtK’s Habitat Update

Right now, CtK’s Habitat build is tentatively scheduled for a May 18th start.  Given the current pandemic crisis, it’s possible there will instead be a June start, or later—it all depends.  I will keep you posted as information becomes forthcoming.

Status of Habitat Restore

  • Restore currently closed.
  • There is concern about receiving “new merchandise” when the store is re-opened. Will it be contaminated? Can items be cleaned; if so, how? Should items just be thrown it out?   
  • Habitat continues to pay staff, both administrative and in-store. The administrative staff is working from home; the in-store staff is just waiting the situation out at home. Given that Habitat closed on one of their resale units last month, they currently have the funds to support this effort.

Current Habitat Families 

  • Habitat is giving their families a 90 day mortgage deferment.  This time/payment will be added on to the end of the mortgage. 

Faith Relations

  • Kirk Johnson with Summit Church (formerly First United Methodist Church) is trying to organize a Faith Based Committee for Habitat.  He will be contacting me.

Everyone take care!


Rap Fairley

CtK Social Ministry Committee