Pastor's Renewal Leave
During the summer months of 2021, Pastor TIm and his family will be taking a 3-month renewal leave, a practice that is encouraged by the ELCA and the Rocky Mountain Synod to maintain the spiritual, mental, and emotional health of pastors. During this time, Pastor Tim will be taking time to discover (or rediscover) those deep roots that inform his life and faith among his family, in his relationship with God, and within himself. Hence, the theme for this time of renewal is ROOTED.


Our Congregation's Time of Renewal

During the summer months of 2021, while Pastor and his family are on leave, and with the ROOTED theme in mind, Christ the King as a congregational family will devote time to reflect and explore our own rootedness in our life and faith.

Getting There

CtK has a grant writing team (Wanda Ellingson, Tom Gray, Holly Landgren, Jigger Staby and Pastor TIm) working on a propsal to the Lilly Foundation that, if received, will financially assist Pastor Tim, his family, and our congregation with renewal leave activities.

Here are some videos with more information:

Lilly Endowment Clergy Renewal Programs

Clergy Renewal Program FAQ

How You Can Help

We need your ideas!

What does it mean to you to be ROOTED?

ROOTED within God? Yourself? Your family? Our congregation? Our Community?

How do you accomplish feeling more rooted in these ways?

Share your thoughts and ideas at

Attend brainstorming and Q&A sessions. Check the Upcoming Events page for dates & times.

When will Pastor's Renewal Leave be?

May 24 – August 30, 2021


Why are we talking about this now?

We are writing a grant to help finance the renewal leave for Pastor, his family, and the congregation. The grant is due April 1, 2020.

Additionally, we want to be prepared as a congregation for our own renewal opportunity.


How much money will we get if we are awarded this grant?

The specific amount depends on what activity/activities the congregation wants to pursue during Pastor’s time of Renewal. Some of the money will go towards pastoral coverage. The congregation can ask for and receive up to $15,000 to cover expenses specific to the congregation’s Renewal plan.


Does the Pastor still get paid while he's gone?


When will we know if we've been awarded the grant or not?

At the end of August, 2020.

What happens if we don't get the grant?

Pastor Tim will still take the time for Renewal. The Financial Oversight Committee and Council are developing plans for this eventuality.