Please keep the following people in your prayers…

In the Military

  • Major Ryan Bankhead—Brother of Eryn Orlowski
  • Sgt. John Dee—Son in-law of Wendy Krull
  • Sgt. Chris Gomez—Nephew of BJ and Danny Pierce
  • Senior Airman Paul Herr—Nephew of Gary & Carol Orlowski
  • Hugh Jones, Jr. Sailor—Son of Rick & Janeann Jones
  • Sgt. Brandon Minser —Son in-law of Wendy Krull
    LCDR Andy Schaaf—Son of Merilee and Mark Fleming
  • Major Clayton Stransky—Nephew of Kip and Laura Stransky
  • Staff Sgt. Stephen Van Dover—Nephew of Nancy Van Dover

Those Who Are Sick

  • Larry Rardin (recent hospitalization)
  • The sister of Beverly Dittmer (cancer)
  • Dave Crawford, friend of the Stransky’s (cancer)
  • Mary Southworth (homebound)
  • Darlene Warring (homebound)
  • Andrea Witkowski (homebound)
  • Bonnie Rossmiller (ongoing health concerns)
  • Shirley Buslee (homebound)
  • LuLu Mae Hess (homebound)
  • Lucille Ball (ongoing health concerns)
  • Janet Evers,mother of Mike Johnson
  • Paul Schnackenberg, brother of Carroll Groeger (kidney dialysis)
  • Stephanie Williams
  • Lauren Rardin
  • Bev Brown
  • Lori Lachelt
  • Kayla Hefner
  • Carol Gunderson
  • Lou Steele (grieving the death of his wife, Jane Steele)
  • CtK’s ministry and partnership with both the Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission in Rock Point, AZ and San Juan Bautista Lutheran Church in Zaculeu, Guatemala.
  • CtK’s Homebound Ministry! and all those who serve ourhomebound members through this ministry.
  • Paul Gebo who is currently continuing his seminary studies at Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa.
  • Mandy Gardner, CtK’s Director of Faith Formation, as shecontinues to work toward completion of an Associate in Ministry degree.
  • All those battling mental illness and addictions.
  • Each person in our CtK church family.