Piecemakers’ Quilt Sale

CtK’s Piecemakers

lovingly create handmade prayer and baptismal quilts throughout the year, at no cost to the recipients.

Their Bi-Annual Sale helps to defray the cost of materials.

The prices on these gorgeous 100% cotton quilts and quilted goods are too good to pass up!

Important Information

Click on items to view more details and to add to your cart. BE AWARE there is only ONE of each item. Items placed in your cart can be purchased by someone else; the item is not yours until you click “Place Order”.

Payment is accepted in cash/check (for local pick-up orders only) or card via WooCommerce (pick-up orders and shipped orders). Checks should be made payable to Christ the King Lutheran Church with “Piecemakers” in the memo.

Choose Local Pickup ONLY if you will pick up your order at CtK. You will be contacted after your order is placed to arrange pick-up.

Orders are shipped in USPS flat-rate boxes, based on the sizes and number of items in the order (small, medium, large). We cannot ship until payment has been received.


Happy Shopping!

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