Note: Pastor Tim will be on Renewal Leave from June 6, 2022 through September 19, 2022.

Today, I’m praying.

Today, the only story plastering the news is about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. And I’m praying.

Praying for peace to prevail instead of war.

Praying for a world of mutual encouragement instead of hate.

Praying for hope in the midst of the despair certainly felt by those in harm’s way.

Today, I’m also taking time to pray with my silence.

Today, I’m breathing in the tender ferocity of the Holy Spirit, and straining my ears to hear what words she has to say to me, to my hurting heart, to my frantic mind.

Today, I’m praying.

 Prayer is an essential discipline to the Christian walk of faith. Through prayer, we become connected – intimately, spiritually – with others and with God who sits with us, listens to us, and attends to our needs and cries. Often, my time for praying is brief. Often, my prayers are one-way communications where I make known my needs and desires to God. But on days like today, I find that my words fail me, and I can only sit and trust that God knows what my sighs mean.

Today, I’m praying.

 Prayer will have a central place during my Renewal Leave this summer. When other distractions are gone, when I am blessed with time to focus on my health, in all of its dimensions, prayer will be a practice that will enable me to center myself and take nourishment from the roots of my faith. I’m looking forward to the ways that time spent focusing on this gift will enable me to be renewed. May you find your prayer life to do the same for you.

Pastor Tim