The season of Lent and Holy Week in particular has become my favorite time of year. It is a time of reflection, of gratitude, and of awe for the love God has for us all.

It can also be a sad time. I usually weep on Maundy Thursday when the altar is stripped. I am physically and emotionally exhausted at the Good Friday worship service. I am then buoyed by the anticipation of the resurrection that Easter Eve brings… and then it’s Easter!!

My Easter is definitely more meaningful when I am able to participate fully in Lent and Holy Week. I hope you can find the time to reflect and worship as well – especially at the Easter Eve Dinner and Immersive Worship service on Saturday, April 20th.

Due to the nature of this event, the special and intentional dinner and the size of the rooms through which we travel, space this year is STRICTLY LIMITED to THIRTY (30) participants. Please, please, use the following link to RSVP:

If you want to invite folks, that’s great, just use the form to RSVP for yourself plus up to four (4) others. A running count of how many spaces are available will be updated daily at the top of the form.

Thank you for keeping this event safe and sustainable by submitting your RSVP today! (Don’t worry… we have a plan if more than thirty of you want to come!)