Christmas Fun for All Ages

CtK Kids! Countdown to Christmas

A virtual Advent Calendar is available online and is designed to be used with the CtK Kids! videos beginning December 3rd. Resources and instructions can be found HERE.

Holiday Hoopla! – Sunday, December 12 at 10-ish am (after 9am Worship)

Build a “Gingerbread” “House” (we use graham crackers and you certainly don’t have to build a house) with your family and friends. You can build whatever you want with the candy building blocks provided. It always gets everyone into the Christmas Spirit! Let Pastor Tim know if you are planning to join us.

Live Nativity – Sunday, December 19th at 8:30am

Throw on a costume and be a part of CtK’s annual re-creation of the Nativity Story. Show up at 8:30am to be assigned a role and a costume. No memorization or acting experience required – we basically push you out onto the front lawn when your part of the story is told. It’s super easy and super fun for ALL ages. Bring your well-behaved dogs and we’ll put them in costumes, too. Let Deacon Mandy know if you can be a part of the holy hilarity.