CtK Youth  РWho We Are

All donations, either to an individual Youth or to the CtK Youth Gathering Fund, are held by CtK and will be used to get our Youth to the Gathering. If an individual Youth raises “extra”, s/he gets to decide what to do with it: gift it to the larger fund, to another Youth attending the Gathering, or to the Youth Gathering at the Synod or Church level.

If you would like a donation letter for your taxes, please email the CtK Church Administrator. 

Addison Ashby

Addison’s the “new kid in town”, and she’s ready to help wherever she’s needed!

Garrett Baker

Garrett’s going to High School in Massachusetts, but he’s still a part of our Youth Group!

Kristina Bodewes

Kristina can drive! Let her run to the store for you.

Lana Bodewes

Lana is full of energy and ready to work.

Maggie Gardner

Maggie loves baking and she loves assisting the elderly even more.

Evan Gonzalez

Evan skateboards and is generally helpful. Generally. Evan is generally generally helpful. And he can drive!

Erik Hobby

Erik enjoys yardwork and shoveling snow. He enjoys it more when the job is done.

Emily McVaugh

Emily loves being outside and baking.

Jessi McVaugh

Jessi just loves to help people in any way; she also loves animals, especially dogs.

Matt Pane

Matt drives, so if you need an errand run, or help with most anything, he’s your guy.